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Publish Date : 27 October 2019 - 09:37
While we are reaching the deadline of producing Pride in late December, according to statistics Pride has 6 million request in the country.
Khodrocar - This is while according to the police, Pride is on the top of the casualties ranking which experts believe that this numbers are because of the high production rate of this car. 

It is natural that while 6 million prides are riding in the roads and one third of all production is Pride, this car has more casualties number than other cars. 

According to statistics presented in previous years, the most important factor in road traffic crashes is human fatality with a 52% share, although some cite this figure as high, but what is certain is human fatalities with any vehicle, accidents will be unavoidable.

Meanwhile, according to reports released by police, the National Organization for Standards and Forensic Medicine, the share of Pride has averaged 24% in the last 5 years, of about 800 thousand annual car accidents in Iran. Car, this figure is not too irrational as it is natural that a product with this prevalence in the country can be a factor in many accidents.

According to the Kerman Provincial Directorate of Roads and Urban Development, the car is in the second-highest rate of accidents with a 24% share of the crash.

While attention to the Pride as the most accidental car has been dug up, statistics show that the Peugeot 405 is at the forefront of accidents, along with human error, high-risk roads, lack of standards and proper traffic laws. It is not just rational to declare a car and to blame it on accidents.

"With road conditions as well as traffic laws, as well as smuggling equipment available on the market, when it is stressed that the accident rate is higher, it should be stated that this is due to the high number of vehicles in the market and it is natural that there would be more casualties." Saeed Sabouri, vice manager of Tehran's part makers association. 

"The automotive industry has created jobs with all the shortcomings that should not be brought about by the destruction of rabid cars, while the quality and quality of the car have been raised by 11 times the wages and prices of the dollar in the last 10 years It has experienced a 5 to 6-fold increase and it is natural that the Pride should cost 6 million ratios, but it has not experienced the increase and is an economical vehicle for the middle class." He added. 

"The main reason for the accidents in the country is the low driving culture and the insecurity of the roads, because the locally produced cars do not in themselves cause casualties, but the insecurity of the roads and the low driving culture causes traffic accidents instead of pressures. To the automaker, little should be thought about reforming the culture of driving and increasing the safety of roads, as the world's safest cars have similar results in similar car accidents, while expecting no more than a $ 5,000 car." He said. 

While last year Pride came in first with a 28% share of accidents, with Peugeot also at 26%, so not only can the car be the main culprit and even a 2% difference in the difference between shooting and shooting. Peugeot comes back because Pride has undoubtedly had a greater market share.
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