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Publish Date : 26 October 2019 - 09:29
Tentions in the exchange market, instability of the country's economy and decreasing of bank profit margin changed people's aspect to collect gold, exchange and even car. Now there is a news about removing subsidy of who ever has a car so those whom invested in this market are now getting worry.
Khodrocar - In Iran for some people, buying a car is more than just a practical means of maintaining their capital; And actually improve their financial ability.

But inflation rises, exchange rates go up and down Some people in the bank depository community take a risk and believe they can ride on the fluctuating exchange rate by buying items such as dollars, coins and cars, and in order to increase their existing capital. Some can make good profit.

We have already discussed in a report that this thinking and buying a car in shaky economic conditions is right or unreasonable, but a new issue has emerged as the criterion of putting cars into a commodity like cars after raising capitalist views. 

"The type of car and its price are also considered as one of the indicators of subsidy removal, but which car owners are subject to subsidy removal is incorrect as the number of cars increases, so does the credit rating of households. We have 4,000 types of cars in our database." Hossein Mirzaei, speaker of the budget group said days ago. 

"Cutting people's subsidies based on the fact that a relatively expensive high-end chassis is mounted is a mistake. I live in a rented house in Tehran's Javadiyah, where I have had to buy a SUV car to lease out the appearance and get a job from companies that look the car more than people's experiences." Farhad. a computer engineer told to khodrocar reporter. "Of course, I don't deny that I thought it was a good investment and I didn't waste my money. Now, worrying about cutting off the small amount of subsidy that was sometimes a household allowance."

"I see many people bringing their expensive luxury cars to my shop for repair or periodic service. I can honestly say that 50% of these people are not even capable of supplying luxury and chassis parts and sometimes want to find second-hand parts for them. When I look for the cause they say all of our lives are the same car. We bought it to sell it and make it profitable whenever it became expensive. Sometimes they even rent these cars to celebrate their marriage to spin things around." Ali, a mechanic of cars said. 

"I also bought a relatively expensive car myself last year so that if it was expensive I would open up the node of my family's problems and be the capital for the time I want to get married. Now that the news reaches me, I feel hopeless. The authorities do not know that people keep their faces red with slap. "Having an expensive car is not a good criterion for whether a person needs subsidy." He added. 

"When the exchange rate fluctuates, and inflation arises, it is certainly better for anyone to cover inflation, in fact, people are trying to keep their assets, and when the exchange rate first rises, then all the other things that people buy. The closer to the exchange rate, the greater their capital retention." Ali Asghar Pour Matin, economists told khodrocar reporter. 

"But the car as it is said is a consumer product, and since we have both a domestic car and an exterior car, there is control over their pricing and they do not find it easy to increase rates. It is true that the car will become expensive when it comes to inflation and inflation, but it was also a mistake to look at capital before it was subsidized." he added. 

"It certainly cannot be a good criterion, as some people have spent their money on buying an expensive car and may even borrow it to make a profit on their day-to-day business and not put pressure on them. For some of these families, cutting off the subsidy may also be uncomfortable. Because they have not increased their capital, they have lost a little water that has sometimes helped." He said.
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