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Publish Date : 20 October 2019 - 09:21
Many countries have tried hard to imporve their industries and especially auto industry to take to a boosting level and expoert their products to other countries. They are binging employment, income and added value to their own homeland.
Khodrocar - Due to the expansion of the Iranian automotive industry, the industry has a unique role to play in influencing business development, increasing job opportunities and creating sustainable employment, developing public transportation, and enhancing social welfare. The link between the industry and the various social and economic sectors reinforces the belief that in Iran, the automotive and related industries are the driving force behind the country's industry and are a key pillar of the economy and trade.

"In many developed and developed countries, the automotive industry is one of the most important components of the national economy and one of the key drivers of economic development and one of the most important indicators of social development. Although the automobile industry is not the only factor in development, its economic impact is evident in all areas of economic and industrial activity. In most industrialized countries, parallel to investment in important economic and agricultural sectors, the development and improvement of the automotive industry is also being addressed and invested directly and indirectly (related industries)." Morteza Afqe, expert of economy affair told khodrocar reporter. 

"Although the development of the Iranian automotive industry in terms of technology and efficiency and its capability provide a platform for industrial development in the country, it is an important part of the strategic successes in economic and business development through the development of automotive research and investment activities in this sector." He added. 

"Although investing in domestic industries, especially the automotive industry, may have financial burdens, government spending is inevitable to accelerate the country's development process and remove obstacles to the globalization of the Iranian car brand." He said. 

"In addition to the role of the automotive industry in business development, the close relationship of the general public with the automotive industry in the various fields of transportation, the importance of the automobile in the lives of citizens in terms of access to services and social welfare, and its essential role in enhancing the standard of living and public welfare in society. And expresses the cultural and social role of the industry in society." He clarified. 

"On the one hand, the deep connection between passenger and commercial vehicles and relief and ... with citizens' lives in terms of access to social welfare and the essential role of all types of vehicles in the development of transportation and promotion of living and public welfare, reflects the cultural and social role of this industry. The intertwining of the public transport network and public and private vehicles with people's lives through access to social and welfare services and the role played by this system in enhancing the quality of life and social well-being show the social role of the automotive industry." he saod. 

In order to develop the business, increase the welfare of the citizens, accelerate the transport sector, develop tourism, increase social activities and continually improve the quality of social life and develop living standards, it is necessary to invest in the production of passenger and commercial vehicles. Of course, despite all the benefits that the development of the automotive industry has in developing and improving transportation to serve people and increase social welfare in the community, paying attention to the production of safe cars with new technology without the need for fossil fuels is of particular importance. The detrimental to the environment, the health of the community and the well-being of citizens will undoubtedly bring about the peace of the citizens.
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