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Publish Date : 18 October 2019 - 09:42
There are different things involving in an accident which 4 of them are road, human, car and enviroment but according to researches 90 to 95 percent of accidents happen due to human errors.
Khodrocar-Road, human, vehicle and environmental factors are involved in the accident; this is something that transport experts also point out. In the same context, in previous reports we also mentioned the need for road safety to reduce accidents and it was suggested that in Iran due to insufficient attention to safety issues in transportation planning and planning, the executive agencies They are responsible for road safety in the area of ​​traffic, with an increasing number of casualties every year due to traffic accidents and financial losses. But before considering other causes, the finger-pointing accusation is initially directed at automakers and it is alleged that automakers play a greater role in accidents. But the truth is that based on surveys and analyzes carried out in the country, the cause of 90to95percent of accidents is a known human factor.

"Driving violations and errors can be mentioned as one of the effective human factors in driving accidents. This includes ignoring traffic regulations, risky errors, and slips that are safe." Abbas Majidi Nejad, Manager of vehicle inspection center's association told khodrocar reporter. 

"Fatigue will also lead to an analysis of decision-making power. That's why experts consider driver fatigue to be one of the causes of accidents, and according to research, 7% of accidents are attributed to it." He added. 

According to investigations, most accidents happen in the early hours of the day. from 0 to 3 am 27 % accident, 8 to 11 am about 3 percent and from 20 to 24 about 10 percent." He said. 

"Driving is a social phenomenon that requires identifying underlying dimensions such as cultural, educational, psychological, and sociological issues. In psychology, there is a term called tolerance. The term is used to indicate the greatest degree of patience in anxious and anxious situations. Therefore, patience can be understood with concepts such as tolerance, tolerance, and resilience capacity in behavior that are psychologically recommended for a better life." He said. 

"Patience and resilience bring about pleasant things. Studies show that patience is a necessary component of a better and peaceful life, and without this skill, people's behavior in various economic, social, interpersonal, and emotional sectors would be easily fragile. It should not be overlooked that one of the serious problems that cause deaths in traffic accidents is the lowering of the tolerance threshold between individuals. This was not hidden from the minds of government officials, and it was mentioned in the first conference of psychology in year 96." He added. 

"Another issue that can lead to behavioral abnormalities is the traffic problem. Prolonged sitting behind the wheel of a car can cause confusion and frustration, and if drivers and pedestrians are unable to control themselves in this situation, a minor accident can become a major accident." He said. 

"In addition to traffic, air pollution has also contributed to the cause. Traffic noise pollution and long wait times cause anger that negatively affects people's driving and their reaction to drivers and other people. Of course, getting out of traffic does not end this anger, and in the home and family environment, these psychological conditions can continue." He said. 

Most transportation experts believe that this problem requires thoughtful solutions, despite its impact on various social, economic, cultural and psychological sectors of society. With the indifference of the managers, the challenges and the convening of various conferences, we cannot open this social blind node which becomes more and more blind with time.
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