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Publish Date : 14 October 2019 - 09:34
Supplying raw materials for auto parts production along with liquidity shortages has always been one of the biggest problems for automakers. Automotive industry activists believe that at least supplying domestic raw materials such as steel sheet materials, aluminum, copper or petrochemical products should cost them less to help boost production.
Khodrocar - One of the problems that automakers always face during production is the supply of raw materials for automotive parts and automobile production lines, but as the exchange rate goes up and the sanctions continue to apply, it has become difficult for automakers to supply raw materials. . It has been repeatedly heard by automotive and fragmentation craftsmen that it is harder to bring raw materials to the production line. In addition to the problem of supplying imported raw materials, they say, the prices of domestic raw materials supplied and produced from national sources have also grown proportionally to world prices.

"One of our requirements was that domestic raw materials, such as steel sheets, aluminum and copper products, or petrochemical products produced domestically, be given to manufacturers at a subsidy of 30 to 40 percent - because these are our national assets and should not be Sold to manufacturers at a global price." Maziyar Bigloo, secretary of partmakers association told khodrocar reporter. 

"Selling locally produced raw materials to producers is like making the price of gasoline universal and selling it to people at world prices, but this is not wise given that people's wages are not calculated at world prices and thus subsidized on gasoline." he added. 

"The same can be done for raw materials. Our question is why our national raw materials should be sold to manufacturers in the global dollar. This also had a marginal effect and would prevent the crop from being sold, as the material would be transformed into a piece and added to the value added and then boosted the production." He said. 

Now it seems that mine section is coming to help the automobile industry. Yesterday, Khodad Gharib Pour, head of board of directors of the IMIDRO said that: "We are standing next to our automakers and help them."

"Manufacturers who received part of their 4 billion facilities in automobile payments from automakers also paid their suppliers to pay their suppliers and underwriters, and not all of that money was spent on raw materials. Rather, only part of it was dedicated to the supply of raw materials." Mohammad Reza Najafi Manesh told khodrocar reporter. 

"The automotive and auto parts industry still needs raw materials, with the world's best up-to-date machinery. As long as the materials needed to make it available to activists in the field will not improve the piece industry. Today the piece industry requires raw materials and machineries, but it will certainly be able to produce even the old machines with the materials it needs." He continued. 

Many car and auto industry activists have repeatedly stated that if raw materials are supplied at a more equitable rate, consumer prices can be reduced for consumers. The sanctions, which have made it difficult to supply raw materials, are unable to use their capacity and at least expect to be helped in the domestic raw material supply sector.
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