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Publish Date : 12 October 2019 - 09:40
The plan of organizing auto market started 2 years ago with the goal of liberalizing car import and decreasing tariffs but during these years it found a different way.
Khodrocar - Initially, the plan was reversed by a number of deputies and renamed the Automotive Support Approach to Organizing the Car Industry. This plan was then submitted to the House of Representatives in June of this year and sent to the Guardian Council, but with Council members' advice. The guard, who found some of the clauses in the law in violation of the law, returned to parliament again.

Deputies also resolved problems in re-examining the plan, but the Guardian Council did not accept the reform. In the meantime, the Expediency Council has stated its own plan of organization, some of which contradict the general policies of the system.

Most of the objections raised by the Guardian Council to the plan for pricing, privatization, and zero tariffs on imported hybrid cars have been dealt with. Government shares in the two auto makers are emphasized, but the Guardian Council believes that the government should remain a shareholder of automobiles by law.

"Although the automotive industry regulation plan put forward by the Guardian Council was put on the commission's agenda, as the automotive industry investigation was completed and completed, the automotive research and automation plan was put together. Merge and then be presented to the parliament.” Hamideh Zari Abadi, member of industry commission of the parliament told. 

"Currently, the automobile industry's plan to stay on the House Industries and Mines Commission remains pending to prepare an automotive investigation report.” She added. 

"According to Article 2, the government must end automobile tenure within three years, but according to the Guardian Council, this article is in violation of Article 44 (c) of the Constitution, according to which 20% of large government units must be in the possession of the government.” Saeed Bastani, member of industry commission of the parliament said. 

"After the discussions discussed, Article 2 should be amended as follows: the State should be the sole authority in the field of automobile making and monitoring. Article 7 was also amended to regulate the automobile industry, which provided for a five-year period for the life of the vehicle, the origin of which was the site of controversy for the Guardian Council. " He said. 
"It was set for comment by the Council of Guardians; this period began at the time of enumeration and was re-submitted to the Council of Guardians after the amendments were made, but it was returned to Parliament once again. As the investigation into the NZ automobile industry is completed and underway, a report on the automotive research and automation plan has been merged and subsequently submitted to the House of Representatives to prevent further problems.” He continued. 

In the first week of October, more than 50 MPs outlined the current policy-making and policy-making deficiencies in a legislative process known as "stewardship" or suspending the plan, demanding a radical overhaul of the plan at the House Mines and Industries Commission had been put on board. But it is not clear how the plan itself has undergone many changes during this time and failed to attract the Guardian Council's view of how it wants to regulate the industry or the car market.
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