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Publish Date : 10 October 2019 - 09:12
The quality of gasoline has been under scrutiny for some time, but the head of the National Organization for Standardization believes that the quality of gasoline is no problem and reports from the National Organization for Standardization and the Ministry of Oil confirm the tests.
Khodrocar - Not long ago, the petroleum product distribution company reacted to the news about the quality of gasoline, stating that the only authority competent to assess the conformity of a distribution product with the standard in question, the national standard organization or its approved bodies. They believe that sampling, test methods and the rest of the details of testing gasoline samples are a specialized practice, and that the comments of other institutions are therefore ineligible since they are ineligible.

Even the National Standard Organization, which itself has been one of the complainants of gas quality these days, says that numerous tests by the National Standard Organization have failed to meet the standard.

But according to the Tehran Air Quality Control Company, the sulfur content analysis results of the gasoline sampling in Tehran show that the concentration of sulfur in all samples, including normal and super gasoline, exceeds the permissible average in spring. And the summer was 190 and 166 parts per million, respectively, well above the Euro 4, confirming the decline in the number of unhealthy days in Tehran.

According to the Tehran Air Quality Control Company, the results of the analysis of gasoline content of gasoline in both spring and summer of this year show that the status of this fuel parameter is within the permissible range. For standard Euro 4 cars, the appropriate octane number is set to comply to 95 with which improves the car's performance, lower fuel consumption, higher engine power and thus less pollution.

"Euro petrol is a priority in cities with high congestion and consumption because gasoline in small towns has an impact No air pollution. He also emphasizes that metropolitan areas and major cities are currently using Euro 4 gasoline." Minister of oil said about the difference of gasoline in big cites and megacities. 

" The variety of gasoline in the country is limited to super-octane 95 and regular octane 87. The quality of gasoline will also be measured by the amount of octane, and the higher the octane, the higher the quality of the gasoline, but the use of high-octane gasoline requires good quality vehicles to perform good combustion." Ahmad Akbari, expert of energy affairs told khodrocar reporter. 
"Air pollution is not only related to the quality of gasoline, it also refers to the type of combustion, and it seems that the quality of the gasoline in the country is in good condition compared to the existing cars and the issues raised are not very accurate. The poor quality of gasoline produced by the country is marginalized by some media whose claims have no scientific basis." He added. 

Although some energy experts believe that the quality of gasoline produced in refineries is acceptable, environmental experts say gasoline sampling in the country shows that 85 percent of sulfur samples in September were between 50 and 250 PPM, but 15 percent of sulfur samples exceeded that. They had 250PPM. They believe that the sulfur content in the gas oil was more acceptable this year than gasoline sulfur, and it is expected that by the Clean Air Act by next year the distribution and refining company will be able to deliver the quality of distributed fuel in all metropolises to the Euro 4 level.

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