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Publish Date : 09 October 2019 - 09:09
Reduction in debt by carmakers to insurance companies that led to the entry of Central Insurance and the Syndicate of Insurers, while much of it has been cleared up, leading to increased car production in recent months as well as increased insurance risk. Due to abundance, has decreased.
Khodrocar - Although car and insurance companies are required by law to issue third-party insurance along with car sales, some experts in the field believe that buyers and consumers should be given the right to choose this insurance according to their taste. Choose the best insurance policy.

"Due to actions taken by the Central Insurance and Insurers' Unions, this debt has been reduced and much of it has been settled, but automakers still owe it to insurance companies." Nima Lotfi, manager of Arman insurance in car affairs told khodrocar reporter. 

"Accordingly, insurance companies are required by law to issue insurance policies, the user of these policies is not a car maker, and the insurer and buyer of the car are not to blame for paying the premium at the time of purchase but the usability of using it." He added. 

"Before the central insurance company thought about the debt of the car makers to the insurance companies, it was a two-year and even a three-year debt, and even the annual follow-up on debt settlement failed and the burden on the insurance companies. Along with the share of the health, tax office and central insurance fund they received from this issue, they were in effect affected by the capital of the insurance companies and imposed high financial pressure on them." Lotfi added. 

"Over the past two months, the approach to debt repayments has changed with the actions of the central bank and changes in automobile companies, and the current debt of automakers has seen a monthly payment order." He said. 

"Even with past debt, insurance companies tend to cooperate with car makers because they are low risk and the auto market is a big market, but over the past few years there have been positive financial operations for insurance companies and the financial burden and It has had a negative impact on the financial statements of the insurance companies that were affected by the shareholders and beneficiaries in this situation, which has led to a small number of insurers retreating, but technically there is a high willingness to cooperate with automakers." He continued. 

"As production declines, the issue of insurance premiums also comes with drawbacks and the damage statistics increase because there is not much to do in this situation, but now with increasing production and fulfillment of automobile obligations as well as the completion of incomplete cars and And back to the situation two years ago, insurance coverage has also increased significantly to cover damages." He said. 

"Provide the car maker with a one-month insurance policy and then the buyer chooses to insure that both the insurance industry and the buyer choose to issue insurance. Insurance policies are in place, while insurance companies are currently suffering severe damage." He advised. 

"If you look at consumer rights, short-term and short-term insurance can be better for the buyer, but the problem is that the car does not reach the consumer immediately after production and it is likely that in the limited term The issuance of insurance policies, vehicles in the hands of intermediaries or authorized dealers of carmakers. Accordingly, a general guideline must be defined and enforced by the supervisory authorities in order for the insurance policy to be issued to the automaker and consumed." He said.
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