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Publish Date : 08 October 2019 - 10:05
The daily increase in using vehicles in developing countries has impacts on the number of casualties and accidents. Everytime you can see new statistics of human mistakes, road's safety and cars safety.
Khodrocar_ Today, with the increasing growth of vehicles in developing countries, the level of road safety is declining and the number of accidents and human casualties is showing a lot of growth. One of the reasons for the accident is the failure of roads.

This deficiency in road safety and the lack of transport infrastructure indicate that the executors at the feasibility, design, construction and operation of road projects have not complied with the road safety issues and standards that led to the formation. Incidental sections and points have been mapped on the national road network.

Therefore, many developing countries are working to minimize the casualties of traffic accidents, geometrically modify passages, and remove hazardous accident and safety audits to provide an appropriate level of road safety. And be rapidly and safely exploited in the transport sector and determined to comply with global and domestic road safety standards in the construction of new roads.

In Iran, due to insufficient attention to safety issues in the design and planning of transportation, enforcement agencies responsible for road safety in the field of traffic are increasingly adding to the number of casualties in traffic accidents and the resulting financial losses each year. . On the one hand, the accusation finger is pointing at car makers and the low quality of domestic cars is raised. As it has been suggested, automakers play a greater role in accidents.

 Nayrayeh Pirouzbakht, the head of the National Standards Organization of Iran, said recently that a significant portion of the country's road toll is not only due to vehicle safety but also to drivers' errors and misuse of the vehicle. Commander of the Najwa Traffic Police, Commander Sayed Kamal Hadyanfar, responded to a question about a car maker being blamed for an accident. Road, vehicle, and human factors are among the issues that our officers deal with when accidents occur on roads and in cities, and are emphasized in the Crocodile form.

He also said that many crocs based on expert recognition blame the police or road agent and that the roadblock is part of the province, adding that most of the problems in the past 11 years have been based on accidents in the past 11 years. It is on the way, and now it has the production cars inside Airbus and Euro 4 standards and so on.

He said: Overall, 6% of accidents are due to human factors and the road and industry are less than the individual.

In this regard, Seyyed Abolfazl Mousavi Buuki, Deputy Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on Civil Aviation, said in an interview with the Automobile Reporter that all the measures needed to reduce accidents should be implemented according to the technical principles that apply to the systems. Technical returns. If the construction is done according to technical principles, there will be no problem.

 He also added: "In some ways and in road construction, a series of road signs must be completed, and when they do occur, some accident spots will be re-identified and fixed." Or at some point, they slow down the speed of the vehicles. All this should be done in accordance with the principles of the country's technical requirements, but if the road accident is to blame and the problem is with urban infrastructure, the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development will have to pay for the damage.

 MPs recently issued a decree authorizing the car maker to have up to five years of civil liability in the event of a car accident, but what is clear is that a significant portion of the country's road toll is solely for safety reasons. It is not about cars but about driver errors and misuse of the car, and it is also important to have a culture of safe driving for drivers.
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