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Publish Date : 07 October 2019 - 09:13
Auto indsutry is facing the shortage of products and lack of variety while automakers have the ability to change old platforms and focus on chasie, gearbos and etc to make up to date products.
Khodrocar - The automotive industry, which is facing severe liquidity these days, certainly does not have the favorable conditions to design and manufacture new products, so a proposal that could be a path forward would be a better solution for product diversification and development.

"In the current situation, there is no choice but to work on older platforms, but it is important to note that these platforms are not all that old for example sp100 wasn't old. It can be produced in the next 5 years with three to four new products." Saeed Madani, expert of auto industry told khodrocar reporter. 

"This will require a round-the-clock work to get the final approval, while rumors suggest Saipa's management is looking to do just that to bring a new car to market. Slow and to some extent fill the vacancy of foreign cars on the market." he added. 

"Before any platform for up to 10 years it had the ability to work on cars and individual cases, now reduced to 5 to 6 years, which is why design speeds have soared, but nevertheless startup paltforms are platforms that are far more expensive, with minor changes to older platforms that can make the changes and produce a variety of low cost products." he said. 

"Up to 4 products can now be manufactured on these platforms, while a megaplatform project, a platform for a specific class of cars, is designed by Saipa Automotive Group, which can upgrade the vehicle class by producing this platform. So that it can expanded Class B to Class C." he continued. 

"With the development of these platforms, the waiting time for automobile production is also reduced, with minor changes to one platform, while designing the new platform is time consuming and costly." he said.
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