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Publish Date : 06 October 2019 - 09:54
The completion of defective cars has accelerated at the factory floor, and carmakers are trying to market non-fractional cars despite all the manufacturing problems.
Khodrocar_ Currently the supply chain and automotive manufacturing complexes, in collaboration with parts manufacturers, are working to complete the defective cars and produce complete and defective parts, and due to the downward trend in the number of defective cars the factory floor is expected to supply. To overshadow the market.

Said Motemani, head of the Union of Automobile Exhibitors, told Automotive Reporter: "With the current trend of car makers showing a serious commitment to complete defective cars, the commercialization of these cars seems to have positive effects." On the market.

He added that the downward trend in the car market is continuing and will reach the prices in April and March.

"Price increases had no reason," he said, "and if the supply was more commercialized with defective cars, the rate of decline would have been higher."

The head of the car dealers union said the increase in prices was more space-saving and there was nothing happening in the market that would raise prices. The exchange rate fluctuations have not been enough to fluctuate in the market.

"There is no buyer in the market and this has led to a decline in prices," he said.

"If supply increases by automakers, prices will fall further," said Mottemeni.

He also points to the elimination of prices from sales sites, saying that eliminating prices from sites has slowed the market down and has prevented abusers from doing so.

In this regard, a market activist told Automotive Reporter that there has been an inflationary downturn in the market, and after a period of declining production prices in the market, it has started to rise again. But it looks like the inflation slump will not be sustainable with the increase in the number of incomplete cars completed and marketed.

According to the carmaker, statistics from the Ministry of Health indicate a 5 percent increase in vehicle deliveries in September, according to Saipa CEO, out of 96,000 defective cars left in the parking lot 25,000 more. In the meantime, planning and negotiating with the car makers has helped to provide the parts needed by the carmakers. At Iran Khodro Group, this industry group was able to commercialize and deliver 20,000 and 30,000 defective vehicles during the company's summer holidays, helping to ease the market.
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