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Publish Date : 05 October 2019 - 08:04
Statistics shows that the number of unfinished cars is decreasing and according to managers of two companies, they will fulfill their promises till the end of the fall.
Khodrocar - Statistics from ministry of Industry shows a 61 percent increase in vehicle deliveries in September, while a Tehran prosecutor earlier in the day found one of the car makers' car parks inaccessible to complete the defective cars. In the meantime, planning and negotiation with partner makers worked, and the long-buried car parts were completed in partnership with the makers.

According to statistics provided by Iran Khodro Industrial Group, production of defective cars has been declining since June 7th, with the completion of accelerated vehicles being accelerated and with the formation of a special committee on defective vehicles priority has been given and the company's supply and production chains have been reduced. The production of partial cars has been concentrated so that from this date to the end of Tir, about 64,000 cars have been completed and marketed at the factory.

The continued completion of the defective vehicles of the Iran Khodro Industrial Group continued in September, so that the company was able to commercialize and deliver 20,000 defective vehicles during the company's summer holidays. During the holidays, stability in the car market and efforts to achieve the goals of the group have been in providing customer satisfaction. Less than a month after the announcement, the industry announced the release of more than half a million vehicles from Iran Khodro products.

According to this report, IKCO has marketed 514 thousand cars since last year till now. this company which has the highest share of the market is trying to reach delivering 2000 cars a day. 

Currently, the supply chain and production chain of the company, in cooperation with parts makers, is working to complete the defective cars and produce complete and defective parts, and due to the downward trend in the number of defective cars on the factory floor, Iran's deferred obligations are anticipated. 

Monthly statistics provided by Iran Khodro on incomplete cars are completed while Saipa does not report monthly but company officials have insisted on planning to complete incomplete cars as soon as possible in July. The carmaker pointed to a plan to complete and deliver 12,000 fractional vehicles weekly and said that the program would commercialize and supply factory floor cars in the coming weeks.

In September this year, after the prosecutor's unannounced visit to Saipa's defective car depot, the group's determination to complete the car was dogged. According to Javad Suleimani, there are now 39,000 defective cars in all Tehran and city parking lots, which will soon be determined.

These statistics announced while in the recent statistics from the ministry of industry delivering cars to owners has been increased for 61 percent. 

According to Reza Mofidi, head of auto industry affair in ministry of industry, in this September both automakers delivered 60318 cars which is 10 thousand cars more than previous year. 

He said two major carmakers delivered 86234 vehicles in September, up from 53,628 in the same period last year.

With the current trend of car makers on their toes and the serious desire to complete the flawed cars, it seems likely that the commercialization of these cars will come to an end by the fall, as the executives of the two carmakers had promised earlier. And with the arrival of the prosecutor, this was seriously put into operation.
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