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Publish Date : 04 October 2019 - 10:01
Some car market participants are reporting inflation in the market and predicting that if the decline in production persists and carmakers' need for financial resources and auto parts is eliminated, the market will suffer.
Khodrocar_ Some market participants point out that the auto market has stagnated and, after a period of declining prices for in-car production, has been on the rise again.

The main cause of this price increase, as well as the decline in title production, and the lack of liquidity and currency resources to supply parts are also the major causes of this decline. Market participants believe that the upward slope in prices has begun, and they expect the trend to accelerate, and that policymakers in the country need to be prepared for the issue.

They also say that if the car market is to be balanced and the middle class is not eliminated, it may be necessary to rethink car imports in order to meet the minimum market need because if production decline continues due to lack of segmentation in the future The market faces a shortage of supply and again challenges.

"The market is in a state of stagnation and prices are not going to change much, but the changes are going to show up in the long run," Said Motemani, speaking to a car reporter about the latest state of the car market.

He adds: Currently imported and assembled cars are more expensive than domestic cars.

 Motman says: One of the reasons for the decline is the low cost of the buyer, which has led to lower prices on the part of some people who used to buy cars in the past in the hope of earning a living by keeping other cars in the market. It is not profitable therefore they are offered for sale which has affected the price.

"Despite the recent drop in prices, buyers believe that prices have not yet reached February last year and expect prices to fall again, so they are not buying," he said.
"Whenever prices rise unnecessarily, the market collapses and everyone is expecting a price drop," he said. "When prices are volatile, prices should fall," he said. Is and should be reduced.

According to the carmaker, prices will drop if defective cars are completed and more supplied, according to the official. Although carmakers are reporting incomplete completion of their cars in the announcement, overall production figures are still declining, making the market difficult.
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