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Publish Date : 01 October 2019 - 08:58
Periodic inspection of CNG capsules of hybrid cars is a responsibility of standard organization and now in recent days it is getting more serious by new approvals about taking confirmation.
Khodrocar - according to the approvals of the government about 2.5 million cars has been get hybrid in repairshops which didn't use the latest methods and standard and had problems which explosions and death of people were part of it. 

"All technical inspection centers are have to to check the conditions of dual burners. Right now these centers are just checking the CNG capsules by eye then give the permission to inspect petrol part of the car." Peyman Pirayesh, manager of inspection on metal industries of national standard organization told khodrocar reporter. 

"Hybrid cars are check every year and every six year wit should go under hydrostatic.production of capsules just can happen by confirmation."
He added. 

"Periodic inspection is ongoing and tank production is also subjected to do so at the beginning of the inspection sampleing. 

The Director of Supervision of Steel Industry Standardization of the National Organization for Standardization in the case of dual vehicle burning also says that if one does this it is out of the scope of the standard organization because it is outside the standardization framework, but if it is in dual workshop centers. The burner, which is under the supervision of a standard organization inspection and licensed by the Ministry of Industry, is doing so. 

However, we have already seen the problem of not being approved for these types of vehicles and issuing a state-approved license. And was supposed to issue a fuel system health certificate, after all These cards are logged in hybrid vehicles become routine inspection of the vehicles that are subject to the factory to be done.
But if the work goes on, there is a discussion of standard formulation, before it was emphasized that it should be monitored at the centers, but that is not the case now, but the inspection companies are now deployed. And pre-deployed cars will also be modified to receive approval, otherwise the tanks that do not comply with the standard will be destroyed and will not be allowed to operate later in the workshop, and standardization should be carried out. It needs to be formulated and done.
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