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Publish Date : 29 September 2019 - 09:12
the exit of Renault from Iran for the second time in the history happened at same time with the sanctions of USA against Iran. However, this time the ministry and IDRO were the partners of Renault and nobody thought about their leaving.
Khodrocar - Renault which was trying to buy Bon Ro from Saipa never start any activity with the excuse of this production site. They didn't invest in Iran and now Biouk Alimoradloo, project manager of Renault said that two major automakers didn't let Renault to work in Iran and Bon Ro could be a reason of this not cooperation. 

In this condition this question happens that could Bon Ro be a guarantee to make Renault stay in Iran? 

Experts believe that indirect negotiations were the main reason for Renault's stay in Iran, because if this entry had occurred directly, as in other countries, there would have been no hurdle for the company to operate in Iran and the investments made could have helped this presence.

"It depends on what conditions Renault entered the country, while the origin story of the French company's arrival in Iran raises the question of whether these companies were really looking to invest in Iran or not. Looking to make a profit at no cost?" Farbod Zaveh, expert of auto industry told khodrocar reporter. 

"Saipa's deal with Citroen apparently brought capital into the country, but in fact, the investment was not meant to be done in a specific way, but rather the company received their demands and continued to sell on CKD." He added. 

"Undoubtedly, even the transfer of Ben Renault to Iran would not have prevented the company from leaving Iran, but if large capital were absorbed by the automotive industry, there was hope that the US would not be able to bring back the sanctions and delay more auto sanctions. But the fact that the carmakers blamed Renault for leaving Iran is proof that the ruling curse will not return to slavery." He said. 

"In the deal, Renault's adviser to the Secretary of State was the final responsible for negotiating with the company and looking at the past situation creates the impression that one of the reasons for the car industry's vulnerability after the performance of the 11th Minister of Industry was that" He added. 

"The question has always been why Renault consulted with the Minister and what was his role in the negotiations with the French company. If Renault wanted to cooperate in Iran, why didn't it come in directly, and broker it with IDRO and the Ministry of Defense if it could enter into negotiations directly and negotiate." He said. 

"If Renault was to work in Iran, it would have worked directly in Iran, as Volkswagen has now come to cooperate with Turkey, has entered Turkey for production and is seeking to operate there, and will launch in the future." He said at final.
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