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Publish Date : 27 September 2019 - 09:00
completing half of incompleted cars from factories and injecting them into the market in past weeks make peaceful atmosphere in the market and decrased prices.
Khodrocar - While incompleted cars are finishing faster this question happens that how needed parts are made while there is shortage of liquidity among part makers?

"The piece deficit was owned by several companies whose parts were single source and the main reason for the lack of production in these companies was the lack of liquidity available to the makers." Farhad Beh Nia, speaker of part makers association told khodrocar reporter.

"Due to these conditions, Iran Khodro entered into negotiations with the aim of completing partial vehicles, which would require approximately 3500 vehicles each, and provided the necessary liquidity to these car makers so that they could negotiate with the factory floor vehicles during 10 Complete the piece." he added.

"This trend ultimately makes it unconsciously payable to other car makers, although due to changes in car companies, the policy of paying claims is not yet clear." he said.

"According to the liquidity policy, there is still no specific time frame for paying claims, while pre-sales can be a great help for automakers." he said.

"Price revisions to part-time contracts have also begun, but it is expected to take one to six months to review, approve and implement. Based on the forecasts made in the first step of the Year 6 contracts, we also promise to review the contracts of the previous year which can be of great help in securing the partial liquidity." He told

The demand for liquidity in the automotive and parts industry has become a recurring story these days, with no emphasis being given by central bank officials that automakers have been frustrated with the enactment of approvals and sleeves. Problem solving has been raised, and the crisis is expected to ease somewhat in the coming months.
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