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Publish Date : 25 September 2019 - 08:58
while foreign partners of auto industry leave the country suddenly with the excuse of America's sanction for the second time in the past year, most of experts thinks that problems and bugs in contracts is making this usual to the French companies.
Khodrocar - Lack of knowledge of the details of car dealers with foreign partners on the pretext of secrecy of contracts has now prevented them from filing a complaint, but some activists, as well as members of the Industries and Mines Commission of the parliament, believe that, Investments and machinery imported into the country to produce new cars have given the car makers a major breakthrough in that they are not harmed by the deal and are a major detriment to French companies.

"In the event of a unilateral termination of the investments made by the other party, the contract also occurred with the foreign partners of the automobile industry and their actions and investments remained in Iran." Mohammad Reza Mansoury, member of the industry and mine commission of the parliament told Khodrocar reporter. 

"These companies left Iran to prevent lossing America's market. These companies' small share of the Iranian market made their investments to remain unilateral in the Iranian automobile industry and to inflict heavy losses on them." he added. 

"The prepayments made to Iran for the implementation of this contract also remained due to the unilateral withdrawal of these companies in Iran and legally all of these funds belong to Iran." He said. 

"Their one-sided abandonment cannot be attributed to contracts with Iranian carmakers, but the weakness of their companies relative to the US market and other countries has led to the loss of their investment in Iran because of sanctions. Because of their cooperation with Iran, they were more harmed." He continued. 

"According to the contracts signed by these companies with Iranian automakers, any investment made by the French contractors if they leave Iran will be owned by Iran and there will be no complaints." He told. 

The remarks come as Iranian carmakers with foreign partners in the first round of lefting co-operation not only failed to make a profit, but the auto industry also suffered from their overnight leave, and this trend was repeated last year, but nevertheless. The difference was that in the new round of cooperation, French companies invested in automobile production lines as well as setting up a new factory, and under the contract, the French no longer had any right to bring them to Iran. A topic that has been emphasized in recent times by the French with the departure of the Iranian automobile industry, which is a great achievement.

"Despite such planning, the United States was forced to leave Iran, but these companies still stand behind the door with their luggage full of dollars and as soon as the conditions for their presence are opened. They will come to Iran, so their departure should not be considered a bad deal. According to him, these companies left Iran with a tearful eye." Mohammad Reza Najafi Manesh,CEO of part makers association told. 

Activists in the car industry with the French appear to be sweet to all who are willing to accept this cooperation and find it useful and effective for the country's auto industry.
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