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Publish Date : 24 September 2019 - 09:55
Once again, the head of the National Organization of Standards emphasized the implementation of the 85th standards and said that this issue has not been canceled. But How much is it possible in the current automotive industry?
Khodrocar_   Despite its problems with car production, the standardized organization never complied with its standards for implementing the 85th standard, and repeatedly stated that even in the present situation no discounts were given to car makers. Accordingly, the deadline for automakers to meet the 85th standard of the same month was announced, after which cars that do not add the rest of the standards to their previous standard should stop production, but car industry experts repeatedly interviewed the Automotive Reporter They insisted that the car makers are in such a case They will not be able to meet these standards.

But with the expiration of the deadline for car manufacturers to stop the production of non-standard cars by the end of the year, 97 did not create any obstacles to the production of any automobile production vehicle. In this regard, Nayreh Piroozbakh, chairman of the National Iranian Standards Organization, said in the final days of last year that the names of automakers and Preventing the production of non-standard vehicles that failed to comply with the 85-year standard will be monetized in early 98.

He also insisted that inspections by car makers to test compliance with the 85-year-old standards, which had been in place since the beginning of this year, will continue and will not be delayed due to special circumstances. Again, the sanctions will not stop the non-standard production process from being postponed, but it also says that the main concern of the NSA in this category concerns those parts of the automobile that are not found or imported They have been interrupted.

Now, after about three and a half years from this year, he has announced that according to the March 25 decree, the National Organization for Standardization Report on the Performance of Automobile Manufacturers and the Ministry of Housing and Mortgage Program will receive and report the results.

He also reports that this report is being prepared and will soon be presented to the head of the council and how to implement the policy of the 85th standards.

Fortune tells that the number of cars that will stop will not be estimated yet, but the production of several cars will eventually stop.

But all automotive experts believe that the implementation of these 85-degree patents in the current situation and the boycott of the automotive industry will drive turbulence in this industry and market.

"For automakers, this is logical, economic, and operational," said Ali Dadmardi, an economic expert in the same vein as the Automotive Reporter. Automobile companies try to adapt themselves to the new conditions, but it should be taken into account that some standards are new and, to the best of my knowledge, with the existing conditions and sanctions and the problem of the transfer of foreign currency, in some cases it is impossible to implement it at all. There are no standards, but some of the standards, which are among the minimum safety requirements for occupants, must be respected and people expect their lives and property to be of interest to automakers. "

 He argues that the standards of the 85th, the new standards that are being implemented in the European Union, believe the standard organization's behavior is 10 times more stringent than the EU, and this will not be a positive outcome.

The economist added, "The vehicles that are produced today meet at least 55 standards, otherwise they will not be allowed to be numbered, but it should be taken into account that in the last few years a new definition of safety has been provided. And has become much more rigorous. For example, the standards we are observing today are 17 years old and this issue needs to be upgraded. "

 most field experts believe that looking at the country's automotive industry should be reasonable and can not be said in some cars because it does not meet the standards of 85, so its production will be stopped tomorrow. The conditions of the community and the country must be taken into account, because there are a lot of people using and living with the least expensive cars on the market. As a result, it has to be considered accountable and reasonable. However, the quality of manufactured cars has not yet diminished due to the severe US sanctions, and hoped that other standards would be implemented.
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