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Publish Date : 23 September 2019 - 09:17
Renault-Pars, Iranian partner of Renault established to make a relation between Iran and French company and had 3 tasks to do such as supplying parts, transfering knowledge and easing the condition of production for Renault. However this company didn't do anything for taking Renault back during sanctions.
Khodrocar - Renault Corporation owns 51% and Iranian Industrial Development and Renovation Organization owns 49% of Renault Pars shares and the task defined for this company is to manage the assembly of Renault cars by Iran Khodro, Saipa. And the car was barking. The company was also responsible for transferring technical know-how, but after many years of production of a car such as the Thunder 90, we've seen 60% of the internalization of the car still not complete. In this context, a look at Renault's performance raises the question of whether Renault Pars would be a little more serious in its work and pressured to return to Iran in negotiations with the French whether it would facilitate Renault's relations and return to Iran as well. Would the automakers leave the boycott or not?

"If Renault Pars played a more prominent role in this partnership because of the business that these companies are doing in the US market, they would not have been able to internalize more parts." Shahram Azadi, expert of auto industry told khodorcar reporter. 

"Due to the low turnover of automobile production in Iran against the US million market, car companies are not able to avoid heavy fines to invest and stay in the Iranian market." he added. 

"These companies will remain in Iran in the event that strategic partnerships are signed in the contracts and agreements signed between companies, and external conditions will not be effective in enforcing contracts, while penalties for violations of The contracts are set in such a way that they will not be allowed to leave Iran." he said. 

"Undoubtedly, the automobile industry policies and production turnover are one of the barriers to strategic cooperation, while remaining in Iran depends on establishing strategic relationships, as leaving the Iranian market at a great disadvantage for them. " he said. 

"Of course, the company itself would not be effective unless Renopars' contract with the French partner was so restricted that it would not allow them to leave Iran or diminish their cooperation while these foreign companies sought They are intended to be involved in trade interactions in the Iranian market." he continued. 

Passive move of Renault Pars in the current situation and lack of consultation to continue cooperation with Renault Iran and no information in this regard while executives of the company these days silently make no comment about the process of sanctions and sanctions The restrictions applied as well as the fractional components do not speak. Previously, the company issued a delay notice on its Iranian partner Pars Khodro, and in the latest move, it has evacuated and rented most of the building's floors and only one floor for a small number of its employees. It remains to monitor the news and information of the Iranian car market and send it to their French executives.

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