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Publish Date : 22 September 2019 - 09:47
After the deadline for clearance of depot cars has ended, despite consultations and suggestions on a strategy for clearing the remaining vehicles, the government body has not yet made a decision.
khodrocar_ After the deadline for car clearance to be finalized despite consultations and suggestions for a solution for the remaining cars by the Association of Car Importers, a government body has yet to make a decision and its owners remain uncertain.

In this regard, the secretary of the Automobile Importers Association told the Automobile Reporter: "There are still 6,000 vehicles in the customs lane and no plans have been made to allocate them." The average price of each of these cars is about $ 30,000. We have presented eight solutions for car clearance some time ago, but these demands have not yet been taken seriously by the government.

Mehdi Dadfar cited the latest human resources adjustment figures for car importers, adding that according to the latest reports, there were about 1,600 personnel employed in car-importing companies last year, compared to just 3,000 now. People are working. If this continues, by the end of this year, two thousand more companies will be downsized.

He writes about car importers' correspondence about people's vehicle clearance: We have formally corresponded and requested a renewal of the clearance but unfortunately we have not received any response. A wrong decision has caused the cars to stay in the customs for two and a half years. The depreciation of these cars after two years has caused a lot of damage to its owners.

Responding to a question about how cheap cars have fallen over the past three weeks, Dadfar said: "The release of custom-made cars has reduced the price of cars in the market by between two and three percent. "If the current trend continues and the dollar does not change, the current price of cars in the market will stabilize."

But while there are still no cars in customs, the head of the House of Commons Industries and Mines Committee reiterated the import liberalization, stating that 90 percent of cars, such as trucks, trucks, minibuses, buses, loaders and bulldozers, are either imported or exported. The CKD bill goes into the country, he says. Imports of cars should be free of foreign exchange, as the production of heavy cars is now a problem in the country and will become a crisis in the future.

Although it is not a trivial matter for Aziz Akbarian, chairman of the House Committee on Industries and Mines, it looks as if the authorities are seeking to resolve the problem of clearing cars imported into the country and then to resolve the issue of free importation. Think better. However, the cars left in the customs are people's funds and corporate commitments to customers who have been sweating under the sun for a long time.
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