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Publish Date : 21 September 2019 - 07:30
A review of parts maker contracts and a price correction in the piece industry, which was launched last week by Sapco's joint session with makers, will enter the executive phase this week.
Khodrocar - This is happening while the shortage of liquidity and demands are reaching a red zone and now predicting financial methods is really important than any time else. Segment makers have already made financial proposals aimed at reducing demand and improving conditions, but have been opposed by the central bank and are now expected to partially offset the shortage of segment makers with the start of reform contracts.

"The issue of price correction and its revision is a necessity for the automotive and parts industries because if the car prices are not corrected, the cash maker will not be required to pay for the supply chain demands." Mohammad Mehdi Shakour Zadeh, head of Khorasan part makers association told khodrocar reporter.

"The government should fix the car price fix and fix the problem because it definitely needs to be revised, and if the car dealer is modified, the car dealers will be amended to improve financing in the auto industry." he said.

"Unless the prices are corrected, financing for the automobile industry will be in trouble, the government is now facing a shortage of funds, and the carmaker will not have the necessary cash at current sales prices to pay for it. The demands are on price correction, which is equally important for the automotive and parts industries." he added.

Although he stresses the need to provide liquidity and believes that this should be the top priority for all measures, he also stresses that central bank and banking system laws have a lot to do with production and that these strict rules are in place. The situation is that the central bank has problems with producing full aristocracy.

"Of course, if car companies are reassessed, they will be excluded from Article 5 of the Commercial Code, but companies have not yet done so, but with improved prices along with price corrections." he continued.

"The need for liquidity in the auto industry has become a serious issue in the industry as the central bank rejects all financial makers' proposals to improve conditions under the pretext of controlling inflation and liquidity, a trend that suggests the central bank's priority is maintaining the firm. Not only does it focus on inflation control, stability, and exchange rate control, while production, on the other hand, is limited by the problem of liquidity shortages." he added.

"The central bank's disregard for fragmentation problems has led to the rejection of the two-part financial proposals submitted to the government and the central bank. Not only the financial problems of the automobile industry, but other industries as well". he said.

The remarks came as Maziar Bigolu, secretary of part makers association about new order of CEO of Iran Khodro recently told Sapco to review the deal with the company and noted that the most important issue in reviewing contracts was to change the exchange rate from last to the current rate. , Piece makers who work with Iran Khodro can refer to Sapco.

Given these constraints, the central bank is expected to improve production conditions by taking some of its policies with a slight softening of its policies.
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