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Publish Date : 19 September 2019 - 09:00
In 1385 vans entered the public transportation and now there are 13 thousands of them in the country and due to the sanctions the production decreased for 84 percent.
Khodrocar- According to the statistics of the ministry on the first 4 months of this year the production decreased dramatically and Saipa produced only 4 vans which is way lower compare to last year that was 23 units.

Other companies have the same sad result as an example Soroush Diesel Mabna had produced 65 units which is 78 percent lower than it's production from last year.

It is getting suprising to know that IKCO Diesel didn't produce any Van in the first 4 months but they have produced 114 vans last year and it's a 100 percent production fall.

This awful condition is happening while Morteza Zameni CEO of taxi organization said that this organization is deciding to renovate 13 thousand worn-out vans and it is important and have to happen soon.

He believes that all vans are worn-out and have to be replaced because we can't loss this important and nice way of transportation.

"In the past IKCO and SAIPA tried to produce vans but now they are not producing any." He added.

Zameni believes that automakers have the abikiry to renovate the whole fleet since the middle of the next month. Meanwhile the secretary of automakers association said that automakers are ready and have the ability to replace all cars for the transportation fleet. Organizations have to make contract and then pre-pay a part of the debts.

With the current conditions it is a little impossible to renovate the whole fleet. They can enter the market with hope to sell and it is important to know that weather they are ready, the supply chain have the ability to supply him.
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