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Publish Date : 11 September 2019 - 09:35
Since the new manager of IKCO start his work, reviving SAPCO was a goal dueto its importance in supply chain of this industial group. In recent action, a joint meeting has held between cooperative associations and SAPCO to findout the challenges and giving solutions.
Khodrocar - With the announcement of the re-launch of Sapco, planning has begun to make better use of the existing capabilities in this area and the first step is to form joint committees with a view to further planning.

"Accordingly, joint committees have been set up to monitor the issues in the near future. In the meantime, we have been proposing a two-part refinancing of the topic that we hope to be able to reach a common conclusion as soon as possible.” Arash Mohebi Nejad, secretary of part makers association told khodrocar reporter.

"With the implementation of this package a large volume of deferred claims will be assigned to automakers and will undoubtedly be part of the opening demands of the automotive industry in the future. And to do something around the clock to implement its compact program, these programs will succeed in getting the fragmentation industry out of the current situation.” He added.

He predicts that if Iran Khodro is determined to achieve its goals and that work continues at the current momentum, Iran Khodro's supply chain will return to normal in three steps.

"In the first stage, the crisis becomes problematic and in the second stage the problem will be transformed into a normal routine, each of which will have its own transition period, and our estimate is that by implementing ongoing plans In the next three months we will transition from crisis to crisis and then to routine segmentation production.” He said.

"Because the automaker is governed by government, the determination of the automobile industry's officials and policy makers is one of the most important.” He continued.

"Right now, there is a deflict between the parliament and the government and even in the government, organizations are not looking at a picture. For instance, Central Bank and Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade are not thinking as same as each other so auto industry is having problems.” He said.

"Given that the industry has been directly sanctioned, it seems that the three authorities need to reach a consensus on a joint meeting on the automotive industry and work together to resolve and resolve the problem. Agree that it can ultimately be fruitful and that the automaker and the carmaker will work together with the empathy, partnership and unity and dedication to work together, especially to fulfill this ship's reciprocal obligations.” He told.

"At a joint meeting with SAPCO, it was announced that the issue was underway and that new prices would be introduced soon, which we hope will be within the next one to two weeks, if the price increases are subject to earlier contracts. But it will definitely be delayed payment.” Mohebi Nejad said.

Now that a serious determination to improve the automotive supply chain situation seems to have taken place, it is best to accept this view and find a solution to the hurdles, as long as the supply chain is not psychic, the automobile wheel will not rotate easily.
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