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Publish Date : 31 August 2019 - 09:46
he deadline for the clearance of cars from the customs was finished by the government's decision on July 16, and there is still no news that the approval has been extended. This is while a large number of vehicles remain in the customs.
Khodrocar_ according to the car importers association, number of not cleared cars from customs is about 8000 which near 2800 of them have problems but other can be clear so association is working on it to extend the deadline of clearance. 

While the two-month deadline for car clearance has been completed on Sunday, the importing companies are now concentrating on delivering products to customers.

"Regarding the expiration of the law, we repeatedly contacted and sent letters to the President and the first vice chairman of the Organization for Trade Development and the Minister of Foreign Affairs, but we did not receive any response either. So far, 3,000 digitized devices and 5,000 devices have been cleared.” Mehdi Dadfar, secretary of importers association told khodrocar reporter. 

"We have urged all officials not to stop the process of clearance because of the calmness of the cars in the market by the clearance of cars, and as a result we have seen a drop in prices. At the same time, the pressure was somewhat removed from domestic car makers. When the market is in a state of excitement, everybody goes to buy cars, but with the supply of imported cars, prices have fallen not only in the imported market, but also for the domestic ones. This was happening but again the doors closed for customs clearance.” He added. 

"The majority of people are delivering cars and the withdrawal has not taken place because there is still a difference between the price of delivery vehicles and the market. The certificate issue is also solved, but the very basic problem that companies are struggling with is determining the price by the organization. Another issue is the issue of a three-month customs guarantee, which expires. It is said that the guarantees should be criticized, which would force companies to pay a heavy financial burden. The amount of these warranties is equal to the customs value of all vehicles left.” He said. 

"The price level in the market has been declining since the reopening decision, and it can be said that at least 20 to 40 percent of the price drop was due to peak times. The peak was due to the time when, for example, the price of a Santa Fe device reached about 1 billion and 1000 million IRRs. If the law is extended promptly, and the National Standard will also cooperate to leave the car from the customs, the market will remain in the same conditions and move forward.” He said. 

It is unclear what fate of the remaining customs cars that have entered the country legally before stopping imports? Will the government have another deadline for discharge, or that the cars will be affected by the fate of illicit imports that are in poor condition?
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