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Publish Date : 27 August 2019 - 11:24
finally, after a week, Farshad Moghimi selected to be the CEO of IKCO. now we have to wait to see what are his aspects in the chair of CEO of IKCO and what is his plan to face the challenges.
khodrocar_ Finally, after a week, Farshad Moghimi was selected as the CEO of Iran Khodro. He accepted a side that experts said needed a lot of courage to accept it. But the current CEO of Iran Khodro in the current situation needs to adopt a plan and approach to address the problems of the auto industry these days.
"The biggest challenge for Iran Khodro is the financial challenge. It was better to have a two-man financial team added to the management team to help with the problems in Iran Khodro." Farbod zaveh told khodrocar reporter. 
"The problems of Iran Khodro are mostly financial and firstly the task of dealing with this terrible loss that has taken place in this complex and the fact that it has also happened outside of the management function must be resolved first." he added. 
"Now Mr. Moghimi has to somehow solve the issues that his Ministry of Health ordered last year. Since there are issues such as reducing production costs and discussing selling prices and overhead costs in the company, they should have a solution to these problems because they Their hands are tied to force adjustment or to change purchasing sources." he said. 
"Mr. Moghimi was pursuing the construction of automotive parts, and the construction of these parts would certainly be accompanied by an increase in prices, and under these circumstances, there would be mutual pressure on the system. On the one hand, costs continue to rise, and we have high inflation, which pushes up prices and, at the same time, puts a price on their sales, and it cannot adjust prices, and this two-way pressure. The situation in Iran will complicate the car." he continued. 
"After the financial issues, the issue of full production is another challenge that Moqimi is facing. At the time of his deputy, he was ordered to increase production, and this increase in production caused incomplete production of cars in factories, and this incomplete production imposed a great deal of financial pressure on the company, as part of the factories operating under these conditions were close to closure. This is because their liquidity in the form of defective cars is stuck in the company and they are being added to the broken-down chains. Therefore, they should prevent incomplete production in the first place, even if this happens at the expense of losing production statistics. This will prevent further damage to the segmentation network and the car production network." he said.

Anyway, we have to wait and see what the youngest manager of Iran Khodro's history will do after his briefing and whether the company will face major problems.
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