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Publish Date : 25 August 2019 - 10:11
It's been a week after the CEO of IKCO has been removed and till now the government and ministry of industry have not make thier mind about the successor of Yeke Zare.
Khodrocar - One week after the dismissal and detention of Hashem Atez Zare Iran Khodro's CEO, no one has replaced him, and despite the announcement of Rabiei a government spokesman that MAPNA's new CEO Ali Abadi has been elected, he declined to comment. There are various ways to hand over Iran Khodro rudder.
While the government's replacement for Iran Khodro's chief executive, Abbas Aliabadi, is said to be the Ministry of Industry's choice, Mustafa Khan Karami and Vafadar and Mohsen Nagadi are other options for the post.
But it should not be overlooked that the prolongation of CEO selection for Iran Khodro will certainly have its own consequences on the company and will create disruptions in its system. It should also be borne in mind that far-sighted and well-respected people in the automotive industry are reluctant to accept this position.
"It is not an easy task for large corporations and corporations to have their own problems. Not because of the possibility of choice, but of the powerful forces that are selected in terms of having good information or receiving a great deal of information simply do not accept this position." Saeed Madani told khodrocar reporter. 
"People who are selected will probably have their own terms and conditions as well, as our automotive industry is in critical condition. One of its biggest problems is liquidity, which has, however, also caused major problems for the industry." he added. 
"Many of the problems in the automotive industry stem from the country's massive and infrastructure policies, which are still present. Many of the problems may not be attributed to the managers of these companies. Forcing long-term sales of cars at a loss and losing experienced executives on the other hand, these are the side effects of the car crash and the automobile crisis that has made it so." he said. 
"The government must be mindful of the infrastructure issues and impacts it has on the automotive industry and, unless they are reformed, the auto industry will not be able to grow and grow. The management will be selected in any case and the right person will be selected according to the followings of the Minister." the expert continued. 
"The process of managing and managing a business is not to create a problem if it is not for the CEO. However, the company has a board of directors and a deputy, and there are oversight agencies. Usually, in the absence of a deputy CEO, the company takes over activities and herds up. Signatures and the like are done by the board members themselves." he added. 
"Lack of a CEO usually has its effects if it is long-term, but it is not effective in the short term. Not to say the lack of a CEO does not cause disruption, but automobiles have the system and that this is going to paralyze the car and have a very negative impact on the set. That would not happen. ." he called.
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