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Publish Date : 21 August 2019 - 09:56
A member of parliament talked about the 250 million dollar cost of designing trunk of 206. He believed that this kind of costs made the final price of local cars way more than foreign cars but former president of IKCO denied it and think it is in unprofessional.
Khodrocar_ A few days ago, Bahram Parsai, a spokesman for the House of Commons, said that according to the documents, only $ 6 million was spent on the design of the Peugeot Fund, which today costs around $ 6 billion, while That amount of money could have been spent designing a whole new car production line.

Referring to the report on the automobile industry in the Principle 6 Commission, he said: "We believe that this is the reason why the cost of quality cars in our country is several times that of foreign quality cars and that it is paid for by the public.

In this regard, Amir Hassan Kakaei, an expert in the automotive industry, has stated: Among the key areas in the development of automotive design was the time of Samand and Peugeot. We gained experience at that time and were at higher levels. One of the reasons that these numbers were higher than the global figures is that we have grown in many other systems on the basis of these designs.

"In the last two or two years, two major carmakers have begun designing a new car, but why it has worked so hard is that our supply and segmentation network has not grown sufficiently and in line with the automotive industry." Our supply and segmentation network was developed and expanded during the decades of the decade to the present, and the results were costly. It is worth noting that after that time, Rana's car came on. The car is based on the same Peugeot 6 that shows that the designs were made and became the basis for future designs.

 In this regard, Manouchehr Loghi, a former Iran Khodro CEO, tells Khodkar Journalist: "It is thought that by producing a few pieces of a car box, it is necessary to know that this requires designing, building equipment and creating a production line. When you are designing and looking for international standards, then you have to make samples and spend money on them and if you are looking to produce you have to pay a lot for molds and product lines.

He said that if the $ 2 million cost of the fund design is very wrong and inaccurate, he says the amount spent on the design of the fund was $ 5 million, which would amount to $ 4 billion at that time.
The former CEO of Iran Khodro adds: "If we also consider the cost of design, sample construction, tests and more, it will still be lower than the amount mentioned."

 He also believes that politicians should not get into technical matters, and because the nation's experienced engineers worked on these issues to have a national brand and should not be questioned.

Logical also states: People who want to comment should be aware of the topic and know what they want to talk about. The technical issues should not be spent on the political sectors at all, a topic that was put forward 5 years ago and now makes no sense, this has been the subject of parliamentary scrutiny and all costs and figures, and everywhere. The problem is explained.

 He also emphasizes: It is not right to question the design of the automotive industry, which means we are not capable and have to look for outsiders and this is contrary to the leadership principles.

 the former CEO of Iran Khodro said he should not question innovation, saying the talk was unprofessional and lacked precision. Automotive experts also believe that at that time, as many production lines were defective in Iran, the design process was costly and time consuming, and that the cost was not just for the design of the car, but part of the cost involved in the creation. Supply and segmentation chains are built to internalize components.
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