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Publish Date : 20 August 2019 - 09:28
A review of the Saipa Alternative Car Conversion Plan revealed that if owners agreed to replace them, they would benefit significantly more from the registration vehicle delivery.
Khodrocar - In May of this year, Saipa Automotive Group announced in a statement that buyers of the Sandro Group, Tondar 90 and Pars Tondar, which cannot be manufactured due to Renault's departure from Iran and the resumption of sanctions, could convert their registered car. Check out other Saipa products available at July of 1397 and 15-day delivery.

in continue those who registered for tondar 90 and sandro replaced their cars with 2 or 3 other cars of Saipa with the price of last year. 

A review of the prices of registered car replacement products shows that getting these cars at pre-paid prices allows customers to sell them at least twice the market price if they do not wish to drive. .

For example, if a customer refuses to sign up for a replacement car, he can get three Pride-priced machines instead of one Sandro machine, which will earn him more than 750 million IRRs in profits, a penalty and a difference in factory price with the market. .

Buyers of the Thunder 90 and Pars tondar will also receive about 500 million IRRs if they receive two cars, indicating that the replacement plan, although not equivalent to the registered car, predicts a multiplier of cars will drive the buyer's profit margin. It is considered and cannot be acknowledged that buyers would be more profitable if the registration vehicle was delivered.

In addition to announcing alternative designs for Renault Saipa cars, it has recently announced that it will be available to replace the Brilliance and some Renault registrations by converting their registered car to Serrato and completing a differentiated vehicle.

Take a look at the process of converting and replacing existing cars instead of registered cars, and this is a sign of comfort among the buyers of these cars as they are far more aware of their original car, and with the implementation of this plan, They earned the desired profits by reducing their sleep.

Saipa has already implemented numerous plans for buyers of products whose production has been suspended after further sanctions by foreign partners after sanctions have been imposed on Iran to offset its customers 'satisfaction with foreign parties' liability for profits from replacement vehicles. Not only was it able to compensate for the buyers' sleep, but also to satisfy them.

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