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Publish Date : 19 August 2019 - 09:54
A field survey of car market prices and comparing them to last week's prices shows that conditions are calm and stable, with no strange rise or fall in market prices. Stability has played an important role.
Khodrocar_ Most car experts believe that the presence of speculators in the automobile market and the conversion of the car into a capital goods rather than a consumer was one of the main causes of rising prices in this area.

They believe that the large price difference between the factory and the market also boosted dealer activity and that the supply and demand system in the country's car market has completely collapsed, which has been one of the reasons for the high price in the past few months. Although the market is almost in relative ease these days, the reality is that the automobile market needs to be thought out so that we will not see past problems return.

In this regard, Mohammad Reza Mansouri, Member of Parliament and member of the Parliamentary Committee on Industries and Mines, told the Automobile Reporter: "In all markets supply and demand set prices, but in the automobile market we saw active brokers who set prices up and down. they did."

"If the exchange rate is temporary, it will not have a significant impact on the price of the car," he says of falling prices and influencing factors such as lowering the exchange rate. Although it may affect foreign car prices, our domestic car prices are largely influenced by dealer behavior rather than currency upside and down. "Of course we are not saying that up and down currency exchange rates are ineffective, but these are the speculators who flush the market and disrupt the market."

Speaking about market price adjustment strategies, the MP says: The government can balance the market by importing second-hand cars and licensing cars that are in ports and not allow car dealers or tax brokers. In this regard. It is also important to remember that supply and demand regulation is one of the most important causes of stability in the automotive market. "

"People also have to set their own priorities and not make the money they have worked hard to replace with a commodity that is not very valuable,” he said. We saw that at a time when people's patience was driving the price of the car down by 5%. All over the world, a car is a temporary commodity, not a capital one, and it goes away for five years, but if someone pays more than a billion dollars for a car, he or she should make it easy, unless someone makes the hard work of it. It does not give a product that does not cost 1 million USD. "

"If the dealers leave the car market, the situation in the car market will return to its former state," Mansouri added.

According to Automaker, the auto market, which has been experiencing inflammatory days for months, has been around for a while now, and it is almost said that the recession is still on the market.

However, the high demand and difficulties faced by automakers made the market go through difficult days and prices rose sharply, leading to discontent among consumers and officials alike. But it seems that if the right solutions are always put in place to control the market, this market will not be bubbly again.
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