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Publish Date : 18 August 2019 - 09:46
As the automotive industry continues to grapple with new technologies and technology continues to lead the industry, one should not overlook the influential role of start-ups in the marketplace and the creation of new jobs in the industry.
Khodrocar - Startups are more savvy companies that are less involved in bureaucratic issues, and because of their high creativity, they find many solutions to the challenges. It has grown and helped different companies move the automotive industry forward and improve the market.

"There is now enough space and capacity for new startups to enter all areas, especially the automotive industry, with each of these startups resolving an issue or problem in the social arena and finding their place over time." Mohammad Reza Nasro allahi told khodrocar reporter. 

"There is a slogan that startups must either be the first or the best in order to find their place in society, and given this trend, startups in the automotive industry are now confined to the field of buying and selling or transportation. It does not include areas such as basic parts assistance and training in the automotive industry." he added. 

"If we are already seeing changes in the performance of the startups in terms of car sales, it is because of the self-interest that has caused some problems, but given the current conditions of competition for these startups in the automotive industry, It is completely ready." he said. 

"100 percent there is a potential because at last all business should be online and this returns to peoples intention and we should see that how people will welcome this matter." he continued. 

"Sanpp and Tap30, brought online taxi and new service for people so most people changed their usage way from traditional taxis to online ones. it is intersting that even if the government was against this matter they couldn't do anything because of the people courage to use this applications." he said.  

"Startups provide new ideas for solving problems in the traditional field, and look at their performance in the automotive industry shows that they have been very successful in sectors such as transportation, but still have room for activity and capacity. The new ones are still there." he continued. 

With the change in lifestyle and the boldness of the internet in the lives of automotive startups, the number of car startups has grown in the past few years and has gone out of the way of shopping, shopping, consulting, services, repairs and even training. had. The scope of these companies seems to be expanding, and we will soon see their role in the automotive industry grow.
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