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Publish Date : 14 August 2019 - 09:12
With the localization of high tech components such as Airbags and ECUs in the automotive industry becoming a serious movement and steps are being taken, the question arises as to whether the localization of these components will be compatible with automotive circulation and power. How much would it be to internalize these parts?
Khodrocar - Certainly, while automobile production reaches at least 2,000 cars a day, the need for parts like the Airbag, which will average two to four parts per car, requires high circulation, and Conditions You Must See In the midst of internalizing these parts, is there a capacity to produce this amount?

"If we are thining about that sanction would last for ever then we have to close the auto industry or start to localize all." Mohammad Reza Najafimanesh, president of part makers associaion told Khodorcar reporter. 

"Given the high number of these parts used in a car, it can be said that there will be economic production runs for these parts so we have to equip ourselves to do so and no doubt the foreign side will The sanctions will lift." he added. 

"At the time when the news of the gas boycott came, officials began equipping petrol stations with gasoline produced locally, and the enemies stopped seeing the threat of boycotts, which could be repeated in the automotive industry." he said. 

"At present, the industry leaders emphasize the ability to produce these high-volume parts to suit the needs of automakers, and only point out the funding that can be achieved if the makers' demands, rather than other facilities, are met." he said. 

"In addition to technical know-how, components are needed to produce these components that can become a barrier to the production of these components. If these obstacles are overcome, internal production of single components can be successful, and in this case, the amount and range of production. It doesn't seem like a big deal at all" Siamak Moqtaderi, counseler of part makers association.

"Some parts are currently producing problems due to lack or lack of raw materials but definitely on the way to internalizing these parts machinery can be purchased unless certain machines require special permits so it is important The biggest issue is technical knowledge, which is also available to certain companies and countries." he said. 

"The holders of this knowledge also provide this knowledge to the domestic producers if they are present in the market which is not possible in the current situation in Iran or is able to sell this at a high price and bypassing sanctions." he added. 

"Providing the financial means to produce these components is possible internally and there will be no question of unavailability in the automotive industry. Whether these funds are routine and in the form of automobile parts makers' demands or expensive technology purchases for the production of these parts, it can, in any case, be a great help in internalizing these parts in line with the automotive circulation."  he said.

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