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Publish Date : 12 August 2019 - 09:32
Importatoon without transferring currency has became one of the main requests of part makers be ut central bank is believing that this desicion will create a mess in the market.
Khodrocar - At a joint meeting of industry makers and industry ministers aimed at explaining the problems of the industry, currency exchange remains the first option to address the problems of the title industry and its implementation.

"Currency makers need $ 2 billion annually to import segment and supply spare parts and after-sales services, of which only $ 1 billion requires no-currency option, which means less than 1% of the country's currency demand." Arash Mohebi Nejad, secretary of part makers association told.

"The central bank oppose the no-exchange option because it views it as a currency market turmoil, while the association does not represent a 5% share of the problem in the market;" he added.

It was April of last year, when the monetary policy was announced and the USD set on 4,200 Toman, and it was mandated to import only in the form of bank registration and to prohibit the policy maker from transferring currency. But then customs clearance went out of its normal course and led to the deposition of various commodities, especially the materials needed by production lines in customs.

This year, as the situation calmed down and foreign exchange policies changed and slightly adjusted, licensing and importing required goods and materials for production lines for all traders was released through a currency-free approach, imagining a new opening to streamline entry.

The Iranian Customs had stated in their instruction that, pursuant to a Council of Ministers Decree dated 6 February 2008, the import and export of raw materials, components and essentials of production lines could be imported free of charge and up to $ 4 million in the Comprehensive Trade System. It will be possible to use this method only once per trader per case. Accordingly, this clause can only be used until the end of the year and only for authorized tariffs.

"The possibility of registering orders and importing raw materials, parts and essentials of production lines without transfer of currency will not help much to produce, the implementation of this legislation will not lead to bright days and boom in production and although it is a solution but in practice it is a particular problem does not solve because the ceiling is set." Omid Rezaei, memeber of part makers board of directors told Khodrocar reporter.

"Setting a ceiling to do so would have a positive effect on the legislation, as $ 300 million is of global value, and not all parts can be supplied at this rate, so it is necessary to lift restrictions to increase volume." he added.

It seems at present to be one of the main solutions to the boom of production in the auto industry and the part of import liberalization without foreign exchange. A resolution that would halve and halve implementation, including setting a ceiling and limiting its use, would not only help those in the area, but also block the way for further assistance, as other organs relied on it. Implementation of other supportive strategies will decline.
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