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Publish Date : 11 August 2019 - 10:06
Last year, after the United States withdrew from the nuclear deal and brokerage, foreign companies began to leave the country and stop producing their products. The lack of these companies in the automotive industry has raised concerns that automobile manufacturing will face significant problems, but experts believe that sanctions should be used to internalize the boom to boost auto production again.
Khodrocar_ Saipa Automotive announced last week that the Korean company Kiamutors, after Renault, Citroen, France, and China's Brilliance, has ended US unilateral sanctions, working with Iran and Saipa Automotive Group.

Following the decision of the Korean company, it was announced that the production of the KiaSaratto car in Saipa would also be stopped and the production lines would be collected.

In this regard, Wali Maleki, a member of the Parliamentary Committee on Industries and Mines, said in an interview with the Automotive Reporter: Kiamotors is owned by Hyundai and has only kept its brand. "It seems that what is happening now is that Serato's stock in Saipa is running out."

"We need to be aware that we should expect such behavior from companies when we are boycotted," said a member of the House Mines Industries and Mines Commission. "Under such conditions, when the US imposes sanctions, countries like Korea and Japan will be greatly affected and scared."

"These behaviors are normal by European and even Asian companies in a boycott," he said. We should only think about internalization. Fortunately, internalization is also on the agenda of the Commission on Industry and Government.

The MP and member of the Babian Parliamentary Committee on Industries and Mines stresses that Iran's economic situation is like a full-blown economic war: "Many people have registered foreign cars, but with the current conditions it is not possible to deliver cars. "They have to find a replacement for the ordered cars."

 He also added that we should use sanctions and turn the threat into opportunity. The Ministry of Defense had recently come to the Commission on Industry and has reported on threats to turn it into a domestic opportunity. "

Member of Parliament's Committee on Industries and Mines considers internalization as one of the best ways to prevent foreign car makers and says: "With our sanctions against Iran reduced, foreign carmakers cannot leave here because they know We can achieve our desires. ”

 With the departure of Kiamotors from the co-production cycle with Saipa, the company will join the likes of Renault, Citroen, Brilliance, Volvo and Iwico, which ended its co-production in Iran by failing to meet its obligations. They were. But experts and officials argue that such opportunities should be used to build and internalize components and take full advantage of the boycott opportunity.
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