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Publish Date : 09 August 2019 - 11:03
For years, fraudsters have been using the name Emdad Khodro to try to cheat. But How to recognize fake "Emdad Khodro"s?
Khodrocar_In the last few years, fraudsters using the  Emdad Khodro  name have been trying to persuade customers to pay in cash and issue cards in a phone call. They threaten people to be fined and their cars sleeping in the parking lot and use this money to get money.

Curiously, these companies also have people's names and specifications when contacting people and deceive their customers by gaining trust. But after people pay and the card is delivered home, they realize that they are not going to receive any relief. These cards are of no value and have sometimes been found to have a car rescue number Saipa is written on these cards.

People should know that the Association of Car Service Companies is the sole caretaker of the four largest Emdad companies" Emdad Khodro Saipa  "," Emdad Khodro kanoon Jahangard "and" Emdad Khodro Refah",said Abbas Ali Ghiasi.

He also says that these fake companies are reaching out to people and deceiving people: "We are constantly reporting that 4 of the country's auto relief companies are under the guise of a trade union. Aftermarket car services are in operation. 

According to the official, it is clear from the official's words that people should not be fooled by fraudulent companies and that they should not pay attention to the false calls made by these companies. If needed, drivers and car owners can get relief first, either by issuing a card or by identifying four companies under the association that can apply for services.
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