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Publish Date : 05 August 2019 - 09:31
The status of spare parts for imported cars has been hampered by controversy over currency boycotts and transfers. If this problem is not resolved, the import of low-quality smuggling parts into the country may increase.
Khodrocar_The ban on car imports has posed a number of challenges to importing companies. Providing after-sales service is one of the problems that companies are facing these days. The supply of automobile parts has been slow and has had some problems due to problems and the process of importing and clearing them.

"There is a commodity for imported cars, but many of them are in the customs, and they cannot be cleared because of many problems," said the secretary of the Automobile Importers Association. The issue of currency boycotts has caused problems in securing parts that, of course, can be resolved by planning. "We should not overlook the fact that a car that is a brand of the world today is found in parts of the world and not a big problem."

He adds: "Wherever there is a profit and there is little regulatory and competitive environment, there is also fraud. »

"If you are a dealer, you may be able to import a piece by submitting an order," said the secretary of the Automobile Importers Association, who said it was difficult to get parts to enter. Otherwise you should go to the Spare Parts Union and there is no other way. "If the roads are closed, smuggling will certainly be an opportunity."

Previously, Nader Wahab Aghaei, an after-sales service expert, said in an interview with Automotive Reporter that parts and goods had been banned from Dubai and as a result, many of those imported from the UAE could no longer do so. They have to do this and have to look for different references.

"In many cases, if a piece of Dubai had been purchased at a reasonable price from the parent company, we would now have to get it through the intermediary and at a higher price," he added.

"It is expected that in such conditions people will use less of their cars because maintenance is expensive and customers are afraid that their car will have a motor or gearbox problem and will no longer be able to go to the repair shop under any circumstances," Wahab Aghaei said. Because the costs are very high. On the other hand, the major importing companies have to provide parts for their warranty vehicles and, since they cannot, avoid some sort of warranty service and delay and delay in order to avoid replacement parts. "It seems to be a matter of repairing parts rather than replacing them with Bob, and we'll go one way or another to get the parent companies to fix it instead of replacing it."

According to Khodkarkar, due to the limited number of imported cars in our country, the production of imported auto parts is definitely not economical and the only way to open the import of such vehicles and their timely release from customs. In the event that Iran is under sanctions and these parts can hardly reach the importing companies, it is better to prevent this problem in some way from the relevant officials in the Ministry of Customs and Customs in order to prevent the smuggling of poor parts.
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