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Publish Date : 02 August 2019 - 09:49
Road test center is a necessity of auto industry infrastructure and now has faced a real challenge and first obstacle is consultant companies and foreign designers who are cutting their relation with Iran after sanctions.
Khodrocar – second challenge is to supply and buy the equipment of car test from foreign countries which is getting more serious by changes of currency and products price increment inside the country. Now, in the latest comment, the inability of the partners to raise capital is one of the main reasons for the slowdown in the project, so that its implementation is completely stopped.

"The project needs to raise capital, but the stakeholders in the road test project are capable of raising capital.” Saeed Tajic, technical deputy of ISQI told Khodrocar reporter. 

"Accordingly, a proposal was submitted to the Ministry of Industry, Ministry of Industry, Mining and Commerce for approval, and the proposal was submitted to the Cabinet for approval, subject to approval or assistance by the Ministry of Industry and Government to develop the test project.” He added. 

"Currently, the work has been suspended because there are no capital raising requirements for any of the partners and shareholders.” He said. 

"Since the business situation of investor companies is not appropriate, it is not possible for them to raise capital, so it is necessary to assist the government as quickly as possible, as in all countries such projects are carried out by governments.” He told. 

"The first phase of the project was about 2 percent advanced, indicating no significant improvement, further increasing the need for capital to run the project faster.” He said. 

The announcement comes as Amir Hossein Qanaati, director general of the Ministry of Automotive Industry's Office of the Ministry of Industry, in an interview with the Automobile Reporter on the first two months of August, announced that the project would be completed within the next two months and stated that all steps had been taken. Completion and only asphalt of the project remains to be completed by the end of the summer. Now, according to recent statements, these numbers appear to be only on paper, further exacerbating the need for government attention to bring the car industry closer to world standards

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