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Publish Date : 01 August 2019 - 10:15
Many in the car industry believe that the current economic situation of the country can no longer be thought of as a matter of economical import. But lawmakers have been discussing the hybrid tariff plan's zero-sum plan, which is a bit ambiguous despite the ban on car imports.
Khodrocar_ For some time, the House has been discussing the zero tariffs for hybrids in the car market regulation plan, although the guardianship of the plan has raised objections to the plan and brought it back to parliament. Errors we mentioned earlier in the report. But what is at stake is why, despite the ban on parliamentary imports, it has pushed for hybrids to zero in on tariffs, and in a year called production boom and automakers struggling to internalize cars and foreign companies. And what is the need for Europeans to also help Iran in terms of sanctions and international sanctions?

In this regard, Mohammad Mansouri, a member of the Parliamentary Committee on Industries and Mines, told the Automotive Reporter: "The issue of importing hybrid cars was due to competition for markets and manufacturers and the use and promotion of clean energy. »

But he also believes that free foreign exchange imports are not economically viable, and that domestic production must now be supported to ensure at least a boom in production this year.

But Said Madani, a car industry expert, takes a more positive view of the matter: "Today, the world is moving toward the production of these cars, and we should not be left behind."

"Although we have not made the necessary investments in this field in Iran and we will have a long way to go, importing these cars may be a step in the right direction and may even open the way for gasoline imports," he said. To the country. "

"We need to make sure that the import of hybrid cars improves the automotive environment and will help update the car industry," he said. "However, moving to electric cars will take a long time, and until we can produce these cars in Iran, these hybrids must be imported."

According to the automaker, the expert should not be surprised that the import of hybrid cars for the purpose of producing such cars in Iran should be taken into account. He believes that doing so should work with reputable foreign electric car makers to negotiate with them in the future. But the importation of the car is a mystery anyway, and it remains to be seen whether the ban on car imports will just be lifted.
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