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Publish Date : 31 July 2019 - 08:38
These days which privatization of auto industry is a hot topic and ways of executing it is on process this question comes to mind that after privatization the government can’t interfere in this industry at all?
Khodorocar – auto industry had a lots of losses due to the order pricing and now it’s on the way of privatization which economy experts believe that share of government was low but the interfere in all sections and it is necessary to have the positive side of the government in it. 

"The situation now seems to be weighing heavily on the government in the automotive industry, with political appointments and considerations leading to a lack of long-term decisions in the automotive industry, suggesting problems in the automotive industry.” Behnam Maleki, expert of economy affairs told khodrocar reporter. 

"Given that the government's current share in the automotive industry is so high that it has a larger role to play in terms of the share, it would be necessary to form a private productive sector or set up a junior venture with a leading foreign company while connecting. Private companies start producing global cars.” He added. 

The economic expert believes that the government should play a positive role in the industry even after the privatization of the automobile industry, and stresses that in the privatization of the automobile industry there is a concern that if the government is eliminated, the record of past privatizations will be repeated and so on. For a short period of time, companies start declaring bankruptcy by selling all their property.

"This has caused the lack of quality and management capability in the automotive industry, but it is still being attacked as the industry, with all its flaws, is looking for a way out of this situation but yet some are trying to eliminate what is left of the automotive industry.” He continued. 

"The automobile industry is the industry's last chance, and if it is not promoted as a locomotive it will be removed from the wheel. Certainly there are high capacities in the country that will enable the production of a quality car in the shortest time, which can meet the needs of the region and affect the markets of the region. Defense has also come in to help break the deadlock.” He said. 

What should be taken into consideration now in the privatization process of the automotive industry is the clear acknowledgment by industry executives of the problems that the government presence has created for them. The pressures of this presence over the past few years are no secret to anyone with losses of about $ 14 billion to two automakers from grammar pricing, and such is just one example. However, a look at the privatization experience in the country also shows that even after the government leaves the automobile industry, it is necessary for the government to keep its support for the industry on a similar footing as it did in the past, do not repeat.
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