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Publish Date : 30 July 2019 - 10:09
The deadline for customs clearance expired in mid-month, but despite the fact that 8,000 imported cars have not yet been cleared in the country, there is no news of the extension.
Khodrocar_ Car imports stopped last year due to specific currency conditions, resulting in many problems first for car importers and later for customers in the car market with supply shortages and rising demand.

Although it was hoped that car imports would be released before the start of the new year, the government's budget proposal indicated that the ban would continue this year and that the market should only relax by relying on depot clearance. Thought.

But on the way to clearing depot cars, these challenges persisted, and the government decree on clearance of vehicles was not enforced, eventually culminating in a two-month extension of the two-month extension period. Imported cars reported that four months had already been spent on infrastructure, facilitating relationships between organizations and related entities, and familiarizing the device with the issue.

In any case, the clearance of imported cars in these two months came with all the problems that existed along the way, and some 5,000 cars were removed from customs to be delivered to customers.

But according to the Automobile Importers Association, nearly 8,000 cars are still in customs, and the two-month deadline has ended on July 16, 97. Although Iranian Deputy Customs Officer Mehrdad Jamal Orounqi stated that those who have not yet been able to clear their car from the customs of the country are given a two-month opportunity and a recipe has been drawn up, Reza Rahmani poured clean water on the importers' hands. It said that the resolution would not be extended for the time being.

That was enough to get the Association of Car Importers to come and talk about the disadvantages. In this regard, the secretary of the Automobile Importers Association tells the Automobile Reporter: "The car clearance decree has not yet been extended and the cars are still in customs. Although lawmakers visited Bushehr Customs to see the cars closely, and they recognized that staying in these vehicles was a public asset, but the legislation has not been extended. "

"The extension of the government regulation on vehicle clearance is in the country's interest, and if we do not, we will have inflation in the auto sector again," he said. According to the latest statistics, we have 3 vehicles registered and more than 5 vehicles declared and licensed. Due to the expiry of the validity period, these cars have not been able to leave the customs area and 6,000 vehicles have been declared to customs. "Six of the machines are under arrest by the judiciary, and more than 6,000 are in limbo."

"We are working on a system that does not have any coordination in this system, and we are often stuck in this system and time is wasted and inevitably we have to pay for it and now we do not have it," says the secretary of the Automobile Importers Association. We know where to hear our pain and how to hear it. "Whatever we negotiate has not benefited."

As previously stated, the deadline for car clearance expired, according to a government decree on July 9, and there is still no word on the extension, despite the large number of cars in customs. Companies remain and companies expect to extend the discharge deadline to meet their obligations. On the other hand, people who have bought from car importing companies are pushing these companies to get their cars and their demands, and it may be better for the authorities to take better care of the people's finances more in the sun and in the sun. No customs left.
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