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Publish Date : 29 July 2019 - 08:52
In the first months of the year automakers share got higher and experts said that we can expect 20 to 30 percent increase. Meanwhile, near the time of stock market gathering automakers emphasized on the rethink about selling excessive properties in order to leave the losses.
Khodrocar - Capital market activists believe these actions can be regarded as a driving force in the automotive industry, which will eventually lead to an increase in the share of automakers and the happiness of their shareholders.

For a long time, raising capital has also been instrumental in helping to improve the situation of bourse companies and affecting their stock status, which has been considered as one of the outlines and headings of the automotive industry.

"These companies have not only been profitable, but have suffered a lot of losses, but for some reason, they still have the desire to buy their stock. The reason for the increase in demand for the purchase of automakers 'shares is for two reasons is the first reason for the government's tax deduction to increase capital from the revaluation of automakers' assets.” Hossein Khezli, expert of stock market told khodrocar reporter. 

"Carmakers are among the companies with a lot of assets at the cost of office bills in their office books, which can, because of the increase in capital, be offset by their withdrawal.” He added. 

"Under the policies of the Ministry of Industry, Mine and Commerce, automakers are required to sell their non-productive subsidiaries and companies, which, if this happens, will benefit them well.” He said. 

"By doing so, car companies are getting out of a loss, so asking for stock increases with the announcement of these actions in the assemblies, which will ultimately lead to an increase in stock prices for car makers.” He said. 

Revaluation, increase in capital and the transfer of non-productive assets of the automotive industry are among the policies and recently highlighted by the Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade, and believes that these measures can be taken to compensate for the losses of car makers. Made The issue of capital market experts also points to these reasons as a reason to raise stock prices for automakers, and believe that stock buyers are relying on these and, with the hope, to buy car shares.
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