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Publish Date : 28 July 2019 - 10:07
The realization of localization of the automotive industry with the production of automobile parts inside the country has become one of the major concerns of the automotive industry today. Most experts in the industry believe that this will not happen unless a robust and accurate road map is drawn for the industry.
Khodrocar_ About 5 years ago, the document on the goals and policies of the development of the automotive industry in the year 1404, in which Iran's approach to achieving the goals set out in the 20-year horizon of development in the automotive and automotive industry, was drafted and passed by the Automobile Policy Council and then It was announced. But today, the document and the goals outlined there may be less of a job.

Most experts in the industry believe that the 20-year-old vision document was developed in 1993, considering the conditions that the automotive industry has been producing very well, but according to today's conditions, the document needs to be redesigned and no longer a strategic document.

The economic conditions and cruel US sanctions have made the conditions for the industry such that now the country's economy and industry are in a position to not only not think that it should first survive And keep up the thought and thought. The localization of parts and the automotive industry was one of the solutions that officials in the automotive industry paid special attention to.

In this regard, Amir Hassan Kakai told AutoCarCow's correspondent: Localization of automotive parts production should be done by the private sector, and the government needs to make the necessary adjustments in order to accomplish this.

"The government must have a road map for the localization of the automotive industry, given that we have been sanctioned over the past 40 years, we have to produce pieces of equipment at the maximum in the country," he said.

The expert adds economics: The car manufacturing industry in the country today faces serious bottlenecks despite the various pressures and problems of the industry, which can help protect entrepreneurs and adopt strategic policies.

He states: "We must now provide the necessary conditions for the supply of automotive parts, because many people are also involved in the component industry in the components chain, automakers, and after-sales service."

According to the expert, the political and economic perspectives are such that the best way is to invest in our internal capabilities, along with weaknesses that we will not be able to cover soon. Therefore, this requires a development system in the country that requires special attention of the authorities.
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