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Publish Date : 26 July 2019 - 09:31
The numbers of automakers debts to part makers is reaching new levels and records these days while only half of this money could relief the pain of this industry and put a new life in it.
Khodrocar - Paying stock or property for automakers is a matter for clarification of the proposed demands that have been made by the makers a few days ago, and they have come up with different ideas because some agree and others do not consider this a good solution to the liquidity of the industry.
However, in these circumstances, the question arises as to whether there is a solution to improve the conditions for repayment of claims, and could it be hoped to zero down the demands of the contractors by relying on new sales methods? The demands of 22 trillion IRRs pieces of the equipment have not yet reached that figure, according to activists of the industry.

"Within a period of time, the amount of current claims returns to a few months, and at a different interval a year earlier, so that a certain average of the amount of permanent claims of the manufacturers can’t be announced.” Saeed Motaleb Zadeh, member of part makers association told khodrocar reporter. 

"At the moment, current demands are on average over the past six months, which means pushing for the piece industry.” He added. 

"If the repayment of one-month claims is not a problem for the maker of the car and the automaker will not make, since the purchases of the makers are one month, these payments can help him, among other things, to change the methods of buying and selling with the goal Improving the situation is the first internal solution.” He said. 

"With the opening of the internal LC of the component, the manufacturer will be able to provide the bank with bank receivables within the time period specified by the bank to receive its claims from the bank, and if it needs this amount earlier than this time, it can contact the bank and Payment of interest will meet the required amount sooner than expected.” He added. 

"But in Iran, the automaker does not want to do this because it determines the payout time, while the implementation requires a bank credit from the automaker, which determines the bank's credit ceiling, which is now filled with this ceiling.” He told. 

"Part of this proposal was to transfer the shares of automakers to be bought and sold to the makers and part of the cash payment. Meanwhile, long-term checks, automobile and automotive property were also solutions for the alignment of vehicle manufacturers' demands, but automakers were reluctant to make these proposals.” He continued. 

"The car was only finely priced in cars that could not be sold by the automaker, with 20% downsizing from the actual price in order to provide liquidity, while in the event of an executive this crisis management package would be managed.” He said.

The current demands of the makers have reached an unprecedented figure of 22 trillion tomans, which is currently awaiting the Central Bank's assistance to receive 11 trillion USD. The number is half that of current claims, which can help the industry in the current situation and prevent more unemployment in the segment industry.
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