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Publish Date : 13 July 2019 - 09:12
Simultaneously with the eager of ministry to give away the automakers, some rumors about the losses of the auto industry and lack of buyers is whispering around however, experts believe that the problem of this industry is because of their governmental management.
Khodrocar - The privatization of the car industry, which has been a subject since many years ago, and no action was taken on this issue, has entered into new and more recent stages, at the same time as the Economic Council's permission, but there are some ups which are taking place with the Has encountered a challenge. Experts from this area began to privatize car industry companies as a way to begin the process, but they believe that retaining manpower, based on past experiences, is a necessity.

"When this necessity is emphasized, there are some nonsense and manipulations among them, and some comments are made.” Aboalfazl Khalkhali, expert of auto industry told khodrocar reporter. 

"In this context, people enter the subject and, as the losses of the automotive industry, seek to exchange and profit from the industry, and at the same time impede the privatization of the industry, while two domestic automakers It benefits from day-to-day technology and features well-equipped facilities with strong infrastructure.” He added. 

"We should not have to hesitate to do this because human resource employment is one of the most important issues that arises in this direction, and a review of past private sector shows that we were not able to succeed in this.” He said. 

"It is proposed to start privatizing the car industry from subsidiaries companies and car manufacturers, and then proceed step by step to complete privatization.” He said. 
 "In private management, the manager of a set is looking for profitability and must be accountable to shareholders and investors of that set, thus preventing any action that it has not achieved, which in the long run will benefit the automotive industry.” He continued. 

"The management problems of this industry are back to being state-owned, which needs to move as quickly as possible to the privatization of this industry.” He finally added.
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