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Publish Date : 12 July 2019 - 10:29
After the Islamic Consultative Assembly decided in mid-May on the elimination of any increase in gasoline or rationing, the use of a fuel card to prevent fuel smuggling and management of consumption was on the agenda and only one month later, refueling only with Personal fuel card will be performed.
Khodrocar_Iran's National Iranian Oil Products Distribution Company announced in its latest decision to return the fuel card to the refueling process on August 20, according to which it will only refuel from its own fuel card from that date.

According to the statement, "in view of the implementation of the laws of the government and the Islamic Consultative Assembly and in accordance with the program of gasoline supply using a smart fuel card from August 20th this year, the Public Relations of the National Iranian Oil Products Distribution Group recommends, in order to ensure The correctness of the fuel card performance, the owners of all cars and motorcycles, will use their own fuel card at least once before the end of July and refer to the website if there is any potential problem. "

And given the August 20 official launch of a fueling refueling operation, it was announced to car owners that at least until the end of July, they would refuel with their personal fuel card.

Amir Vakilzadeh, director of the National Oil Distribution Company, also referred to the obligation to use a personal fuel card from August 20, saying: "We will implement this plan with a view to preventing the misuse and confrontation with fuel smuggling."

"It is part of fuel smuggling because of the abuse of personal cards by others," he said, emphasizing that the culture of using a personal fuel card should be institutionalized in the community.

The smart fuel card registration, which began last year, resumed after a month-long interruption in May of this year to keep track of people who have not yet been able to sign up or receive a card or have been quoted in the past few months. And transport the car, make their registration.

In addition to this, it is possible to edit information permanently, so that if necessary, such as the expiration date of a bank card, the decision to change the bank card as a fuel card, and the same items, there is the possibility of replacing another card.

One of the problems with the holders of the fuel card is that the owners of the car with the necessary documents including a car card, a document and a birth certificate or national card and the owner's fuel card refer to one of the subsidiaries of the National Iranian Oil Distribution Company and refer to the removal of the code Act themselves.

Therefore, to those who have not received their fuel card or have not yet received it, they can register with the police in addition to 110 or the centers or post offices to receive the card. But those who registered to receive a fuel card or those who have a car, will automatically generate their fuel card and send it to them.

But how much will this fuel card usage help to manage fuel consumption and prevent fuel consumption?

In this regard, Abdulreza Amini, former director of the intelligent fuel system, emphasized that the use of fuel without rationing has no effect on the prevention of smuggling, says: "If the quota is implemented, the number of refueling times should be reduced as well. The use of a fuel card does not make any quotation and it will only be used to provide statistics, so this should be reviewed. "

He says: "At the moment, fuel consumption is consistent with production, but sometimes the consumption season may increase; however, the return of the fuel card costs a lot, as the system is being prepared, maintenance and repair costs and cache And it has a lot of arches. "

"There is always a smuggling issue, and because we do not say that the fuel card should be eliminated, because of the low cost of gasoline in the border areas, people can easily generate income through this. It might be better," Emini stresses. First, rationing for these refueling areas "

Fuel consumption in the country has always been one of the challenges in the field of energy, according to Automaker. The increase in fuel prices and, besides, the quota was a matter that was a matter of a few months, and after a lot of arches, it was clear that the fuel card would be restored again and fuel prices would not increase. However, many fuel experts believe that rationing is a priority in preventing fuel smuggling. But how much society has been prepared for this issue is a problem that comes after the mandatory fueling and reuse of the fuel card.
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