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Publish Date : 09 July 2019 - 09:32
Challenges of supplying exchange for auto industry and planning to reduce the currency consumption to localize this industry are happening at the same time but low production rate of automakers is an obstacle.
Khodrocar - What is now the main obstacle to the localization of parts needed for the automotive industry is the low circulation of automobile production in the country, which not only does not bring any economic benefits, but also leads to the production of much more expensive parts. Experts from this field have shared the shared platform as a solution to this problem, and believe that only in the design of this platform, production can be achieved in economic sizes, and by forming joint design teams, the field for the production of components in it has a high circulation and economic price.

"The problem in this pathway is part of the industrial raw materials that has a more complex formula and is also used in domestication and is supplied through imports that requires the government to provide special support for the production of special raw materials for reduction Valuable is required, slow.” Javad Marzban, auto industry expert told the khodrocar reporter.

"One of the methods for increasing the circulation of two major car manufacturers in Iran is the design and production of common systems so that two different models of the car have common braking systems or other automotive parts, since it does not matter to the customer what the appearance of this How is the piece, but its use for the consumer is important.” He added.

"When a single piece production is performed simultaneously, it will eventually increase the circulation, and in this case, the manufacturer of that particular segment will be able to produce high circulation. In this situation, the finished product price will decrease as well. .” he said.

"Any piece of construction that creates a piece of a particular car can also produce that piece of equipment for another automaker, so as more vehicles circulate, production will be more cost-effective, but for the realization of this condition, the co-operation between carmakers must be developed to allow the system The vehicles will be identical, which will require joint collaboration and definition of design teams.” He said.

"In order to achieve this, we need to make changes in new cars, so if at the beginning of this work it is taken into consideration and the design is done, it is easy to work, but if it is decided in the middle of a change, we need to spend on the changes. Of course, the cost spent on this route in the long run is in the interests of the automaker and the machine tool and ultimately leads to a reduction in the price.” he said.

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