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Publish Date : 04 July 2019 - 10:06
The car market plan is something that is being scrutinized by parliamentarians and is continually improving the situation with the outcome of the plan.
Khodrocar_A few days ago, Sadif Badri, a spokesman for the Islamic Civil Affairs Committee, also said that in the car market plan, car makers were obliged to build vehicles with international standards, said the project would have a positive impact both in terms of quality and price In the car market.

Yesterday, Reza Rahmani, the Minister of Industry, Mine and Trade, said that the car's organization is underway and the goal of our actions is to get the situation in the hands of the Iranian people and that this will take time.

He also insists that the industry has problems like any other part and that the current state of the automobile is not the Iranian nation, but the car industry should not be shut down.

But as parliamentarians and government officials believe that it will regulate the market and automotive industry, car experts believe government and parliament interference in automotive affairs is not only not helping to even inflammate the market.

"The main solution out of the current economic and industrial conditions of the country is contributing to the flow of production, but some with plans such as the" car reorganization plan "are looking to wrap the industry version," said Amir Hassan Kakai, an automotive reporter.

"First of all, we should think about the industry, and then the market, but the objectives of the proposed scheme are market control," he adds.

The expert said: "I wish that instead of the plan, they proposed a" market and industry regulation "because the automotive industry was a major challenge, and no executive solution was forthcoming in the short term. Nose has not been.

Kakai continues: "We expected the authorities to give the message" struggle and support for the industry, "but most of their message was market management."

According to some caretakers, some of the MPs have seen the main problem on the market, at meetings held at the House Industries Commission with the participation of two car makers and the Minister of Health. They say the market is tight and it feels that the market power is out of the reach of the ministry. The influx of liquidity and dealers into the automobile market has made it more difficult. But some way out of this problem is to create a thought-provoking room for solving the problems of the automotive industry and segmentation, and market management is ineffective in solving the problems.
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