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Publish Date : 03 July 2019 - 09:35
The move of localization of parts has stepping into new era while experts are thinking that final price with this rate of production would be a challenge.
Khodrocar - As the number of non-commercial vehicles grows, attempts at self-sufficiency in the production of parts, which are mainly single-piece and high-tech components, enter into a serious phase, but at the same time the question arises as to the lack of liquidity Under the problem of machine building and the loss of many jobs in the industry, do manufacturers like the automakers' self-interest in the production of parts?

"Since no part maker is attempting to shrink its market, undoubtedly, welcome announcements are welcome, although the attempt to build advanced components is in a situation where the maker's soul is not numbered and unable to pass through its everyday situations.” Omid Rezaei. An expert of auto industry told khodrocar reporter. 

"Component-makers who are financially responsible and have the right energy and financial reserves will definitely welcome these invitations, but the current situation of component makers shows that a significant proportion of them have many problems, even in daily supply They are faced with problems in paying for energy costs, wages and delays, loans and tax liabilities, and until the artisan is concerned about these costs, one can’t expect to be involved in the production of new products.” He added. 

"In the event of a professional move to begin the production of an advanced or even semi-advanced piece, the prediction of technical and financial knowledge requires an interval of 9 months to one year, because the average production of these components in the row of single and advanced components It is one year old, however, however, and despite being time consuming, this action must be taken into account, while at the same time meeting the requirements.” He said. 

"It is necessary to perform the classification request in order to determine which of the components are economical and economical to produce. Otherwise, we will be obliged to provide subsidies to the automaker for localization. Otherwise, we will see the sale of the car with loss. Therefore, along with the presentation of these calls should be told to the people that the internalization of these pieces will lead to a negative impact on prices until they reach the nominal circulation.” He said. 

"This action could have been feasible, but its implementation would come at any time with the help of the automotive industry, but the consequences and effects of it should also be taken into account, and that this jihad would lead to a plurality of sources at normal times and conditions. No, though I believe that now is no time to address the disadvantages of this decision.” He mentioned finally.
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