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Publish Date : 01 July 2019 - 09:33
On the one hand, with the imposition of sanctions on the one hand, and the blocking of the registration system for imported parts, the activists of the automotive industry have reported the likelihood of a shortage of imported parts and the problem of providing after-sales services and put forward warnings on this issue.
Khodrocar_  Vali Maliki, a spokesman for the Iranian Parliament's Industrial and Mines Committee, recently announced that there had been a decline in spare parts imports and a problem with the provision of after-sales services, despite the fact that China was considered an American economy, but because of threats Like cutting off business relations, it refuses to deliver spare parts to Iran.

Abbasali Ghiasi, the secretary of the Consortium Guild of Companies, in an interview with the Automotive Reporter, emphasizes that so far no problems have been reported with regard to the supply of parts specifically for Chinese cars. .

"Some members of the association are Chinese companies, but they have not yet reported a shortage of items for the purpose of providing after-sales service," he said, referring to reports from members of the association that there is a problem with the supply of components. Although these companies are refusing to report, the association is pursuing this issue. "

Meanwhile, Nader Wahab Aghaee, an expert in the field of after-sales service, said in a conversation with the Automobile Reporter, pointing to the continued blockage of the site for the ordering of vehicle parts orders until a while ago: "Despite the impossibility to register import parts requests There is no doubt that the import of parts has been limited, but Chinese companies operating in Iran continue to operate on the basis of their own inventory. "

"The lack of declaration of stock shortages by the Chinese indicates that these companies have not yet come to their critical point in order to declare a state of emergency, but if the situation continues, and the current import trend, it is possible that Companies, including Chinese companies, are facing a serious challenge to the lack of parts in order to provide parts for the after-sales service. "

The post-sales service expert says the current constraints provide an opportunity for Iranian suppliers, and says: "The import restrictions have been a great opportunity for domestic manufacturers, and the domestic firms' They have created them to continue their activities due to the restrictions created. "

Mr. Wahab is required to use this position as a timely delivery of raw materials, and states: "Provided that they supply the right materials as well as on time, these companies can supply all the components needed by the automakers, based on the current status of the badge It's based on the fact that inventory of parts and orders has prevented the crisis from occurring in the current situation, but if this situation continues, it will definitely be a challenge to provide after-sales services to cars, especially the Chinese. »

Concurrently with the international sanctions, imports of CKD components have been seriously encountered, and, from the same time, there were warnings about the likelihood of shortages of components and disruptions in the after-sales service of montage and import vehicles, and Now, after nearly a year of sanctions in the automotive industry and the depletion of inventories from parts inventory, the whispers of the lack of these parts are heard, although the market has already seen a fraction of these components before. Nevertheless, with the release of the registration system for import of parts, it is anticipated that, at the same time as the inventory of automobile inventory is completed, the necessary field for importing these components is to be provided.
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