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Publish Date : 29 June 2019 - 09:25
Parts localization has become one of most important plans of ministry but now due to shortage of high-tech part, completing cars has faced with a challenge.
Khodrocar – Farshid Moghimi said that, by launching this scan, more than 85% of the components will be built. He also emphasized that the internalization of all components is on the agenda, even with economical economic disadvantages. In the meantime, the question arises as to whether this action would be logical if the car industry faces a liquidity challenge.

"At the same time sanctions started against Iran and despite the joint venture contracts with foreign partners and industry actors, these companies, regardless of the intellectual and property rights of contracts, left Iran and, despite the contract with the piece makers, specifically, they have signed contracts with other countries.” Reza Rezaei, activist of part industry told khodrocar reporter. 

"In these circumstances, the makers always sought to acquire up-to-date knowledge and technology with the goal of promoting localization; these conditions imposed heavy losses on the makers; however, national internal sculpture was built with the goal of one hundred percent self-sufficiency in the piece industry, which it seems that thinking is not right.” He told. 

"With this amount of circulation, if we realize the self-sufficiency in the production of all pieces, we will see the low quality of these components because it is not mass-produced, and today, the world is moving fast with science and technology, and is part of creativity and part It is related to the support and support of innovation and promotion, which is definitely the second part more important than the first part.” He said. 

"While the ability to maintain innovation and innovation is a long story that is not possible in the current situation, because if it was convenient, it would be done in the last 40 years.” He added. "One-hundred percent self-sufficiency is not logical, despite the cost and the high price, it is better to consider the majority of the components as self-sufficiency because it is not only more logical, but also potential in the country.”

"The automotive industry has 60% capability for competitive performance in the world, and international interactions can help in-house, so scanning the whole of the parts or, in other words, the most parts, is a good idea, but it's unlikely to be easy to achieve.” He said finally.
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