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Publish Date : 28 June 2019 - 10:29
In the car market, the price of some passenger vehicles has been declining. Market car activists also say that customers are still waiting for further price cuts in the market.
Khodrocar_The supply of automakers continues, and because the demand has fallen and buying and selling in the market is not happening, the car market is calm. Many car market activists have different reasons for the decline in demand in the market, but it seems that with the fall in car prices over the past month, customers are still waiting for price cuts in the market.

Until now, in the market, given the huge amount of liquidity that existed and the advertisements in this area, many people and most brokers rushed to this market, and the field was created where dealers and brokers could raise the price of cars Bring up unreal.

But now it seems that both the buyer and the seller have kept hold. The downside has dropped the dollar for sellers, and real buyers are also waiting to see if the competition council will lower or fall in prices. "

Meanwhile, Kazem Mohammadi Nikkhah activist of the automobile market, told Automotive News Corp., "There is currently no demand for the car market, but car supply from automakers continues. Due to the price conditions, there are no purchases on the market, because when the price of a 100 million car averaged by 20% in a month has passed, people are waiting to see what happens to the car market. "

"Most of the sales made in these circumstances, the real consumer has been forced to buy cars from the bottom of the market," he adds. »

The market activist states: "If the supply continues to be continued from automakers, we can see a downside in future prices. At the moment, the price of high-end vehicles has been reduced, and in this situation, both the people and the exhibitors who have not bought the price down, as well as the fall of the price of the currency helped the market conditions. »

"If the dollar does not change and remains the same as last month, when the fluctuation is declining, it will not happen for the car market, but the rise of the dollar will aggravate the turmoil in the market," he said.

According to the car maker, it is currently pricing internal cars on the margin of the market. But it seems like there is a tendency for price guidance to return to the pricing cycle, but market participants believe that the car market will again be inflamed if a new policy and policy is not adopted so that the car broke down from the market. Brokers will also be promoted to business.
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